“We are not done yet!” – Candace Conti reacts to appeal court decision

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  • truthseeker100
    The governing body are not delusional. They know exactly what they are doing.I would prefer a fight to the death! Jehovah be dammed! They robbed that girl of sooo much.
  • truthseeker100
    I have two daughters, one is a biochemist and the other is in law school. You go!! Candace.
  • truthseeker100
    My daughter the biochemist is trying to get her head around the MCATT tests. She will be a great doctor someday!
  • david_10

    Even though I've kept up with Candace's case for the last couple of years, I guess I've fallen out of the loop on it lately. So after reading the ABC/Bundy article and the posts on this thread, it appears that it's pretty much over. This is what I can't figure out:

    At the end of the day, when it's all said & done, when the final score is tallied up............Who won?


  • blondie

    What is the 2.8 million dollars for

    What is an open court case where you can tell your story

    It's more than I ever got dealing with my pedophile

    Laws have to be changed and before that minds have to be educated

    The snapnetwork.org has done a great deal fighting the Catholic Church and laid down a foundation that other religions are starting to use.,

    I commend Candace and her friends and family for the endurance and courage.

  • Balaamsass2

    Candace. Thank you for not taking the settlement "hush money" like so many others and sticking to your guns. Your case and interviews have encouraged others to come forward and talk. I heard 3 new cases in my area after your ABC interview.

    No matter how it ends up what can this Religion brag about? The publicity was damming. If a Child Molester gets a 3 yr sentence vs 20 yrs, is he any less a child molester? He is still branded for life and an outcast.

    As far as "Public Policy" goes in California, Governor Jerry Brown J.D., made it very clear during last fall's elections he would not support expanding statute of limitations and child protections because the issue had been so prevalent. In the end it was all about the $$. :(

  • smiddy

    Candace Conti ? you are an inspiration to millions , and I say that without exaggeration ,of children who have been victims of abuse , sexual and physical all around the world , your resolve to obtain justice from an organization that claims to be Christian and is fighting you in a court of law over $$$$$ should send a message out to people , where is this religions priorities ? Protecting their children ? or protecting their finances .


  • flipper

    Candace Conti is to be admired for her bravery, tenacity, and willingness to take the WT Society to task for it's abhorrent child abuse policies.

    Let's not forget this fact folks- the WT Society WAS found liable and irresponsible in regards to Kendrick being allowed to even work in field service with Candace Conti as the elders were irresponsible as well. I don't see that irresponsibility changing much in the future. Think about it. How many cases have we heard about right here on JWN with people's experiences of pedophiles and child molesters MOVING to other congregations and one body of elders fails to inform another body of elders about it ? Or just the nature of child molesters to hide in the shadows so as NOT to be exposed- makes it almost guaranteed that the WT Society will be unable to keep up with the whereabouts of most of these JW pedophiles in their midst. Which is a bad thing for children or potential victims - but a good thing for certain that more and more child abuse lawsuits will come down the pike against the WT Society.

    Here's the deal. Candace Conti's victory WAS a victory. Although she didn't win as much - she still got the WT child abuse issue media coverage all over the world , made it public that WT Society IS irresponsible in many ways still - in spite of the appellate court judges ruling. What Candace HAS accomplished is being seen by thousands of people across the planet on you tube videos and that will not stop. Most people on the planet are going to see and hear THAT information- not dwell on an appellate court judge who made a ruling out of fear of reprisal due to the big religious cow sitting on him in society. And most people will judge WT Society as guilty for allowing these child abuse issues to escalate to this criminal level. Kind of how I see it in the bigger picture. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Gayle

    Anyone see "Woman in Gold" yet? Base on real story and legal case (admittedly was a confusing for me as it involved Austria also). Interesting movie. Lost in lower court but later at her lawyer's persistence went on to win at U.S. Federal Supreme Court. Took 10 years. Different issue and process than Conti case, of course. What struck me how a judge (in the movie, not sure if the statement is in court record) made a comment that Maria Altmann case would "open a can worms" involving many nations with similar atrocities.

    Made me think of this last court case of Ms. Conti. Hopefully, the California Supreme Court will take the case. Maybe it's just time now for religion to be tested and judged not because of the 'government' entity but because of the conscience of the "people."

  • TakeOffTheCrown

    truthseeker100: You say, "Jehovah be dammed!"

    Why risk not having a resurrection when you die; you may cease to exist.

    Think about it now before you draw your last breath.

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