An Article From The Canadian Medical Association

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    An Article From The Canadian Medical Association.


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  • alanv

    As technology improves so do medical procedures. It used to be that the body was opened up for most operations on the bodies organs. Nowdays keyhole surgery is used, as the patient recovers much quicker and with much less scarring after the op. More now is known about blood. Transfusing and transplants have always been a problem, but as technology has improved, the use of blood transfusion has become less necessary. Nowdays it is often just blood componants that are used, for that is better for the patient. Every doctor has always known that there is a potential from ablood transfusion going wrong, which is why they do not give one unless they feel it is necessary.

    Before modern technology, transfusion was given as there was nothing else and so some diedxand some others lived. Nowdays if a transfusion can be avoided, it will not be given. However there are still some situations where the choice is either a transfusion or certain death.

    JWs have the right to accept death if they want to.

  • Phizzy

    "JW's have the right to accept death if they want to"........ agreed , but ,as we know here, that is not an informed choice, J.W's have only had presented to them a doctrine that is held by the WT/JW religion, on that basis, what men have told them the scriptures mean, they base their life and death decision.

    That alone would be sad enough, but, if they are too lazy or too controlled by the cult to examine the doctrine fully, we could say it is their fault to a great degree, but they then go on to impose this on their children !

    I know that in most situations the medics would seek a Court Order and administer a life-saving transfusion, but this is not always done, and sometimes cannot be done in time to save the child, so, children not old enough to understand the doctrine, never informed that there are alternative views on it, they die.

    This is Medical Ethics and Political Correctness going too far by allowing the parents this power, to murder their children for a belief imposed by men whose doctrines change constantly, and whose doctrines are plain wrong.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    That is a 15+ years old article - medicine has advanced; just like your computing has.

  • Vidqun

    I'm not keen on blood tranfusions because of medical reasons. This is a more recent article. It does not inspire confidence in the US blood supply.

    American Red Cross fined for failure in blood safety

    The American Red Cross was fined by the FDA for poor blood safety practices.

    Lillian Rizzo January 17, 2012 14:12

    The American Red Cross has been fined for poor and unsafe blood management practices, failing to correct violations of blood-safety rules, MSNBC reported.

    The Food and Drug Administration slapped a $9.59 million fine on the the American Red Cross after inspections at 16 blood centers between April and October 2010 showed ongoing problems that could endanger donors and potentially allow contaminated blood to get into the country’s supply, MSNBC reported.

    The American Red Cross has been cited 14 times since 2003 and fined close to $46 million for similar reasons, Bloomberg reported. The organization also didn’t ensure that its entire staff has been adequately trained in blood safety. It also hasn’t created a complete list of prospective donors who were disqualified from giving blood, according to a letter the FDA made public on January 13.

    Read more at GlobalPost: Opinion: Let's make clean blood a priority

    “FDA cannot definitively say there was never any danger to the blood supply since the violations can create conditions that could lead to potential safety consequences,” said Patricia El-Hinnawy, FDA spokeswoman, MSNBC reported.

    The American Red Cross supplies 40 percent of the nation’s blood. The letter also doesn’t rule out at the potentially infected blood has already been transfused, USA Today reported.

    But the FDA has yet to find any evidence that points to any serious health consequences for blood recipients, Bloomberg reported.

    “The safety of the nation’s blood supply is one of our top priorities, and we have no reason to believe that it has been compromised,” said Mary Malarkey, head of compliance at the agency’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Bloomberg reported. “It’s very important to note that people who need transfusions should continue to take their doctors’ advice, and we encourage people to donate blood.”

    A Red Cross spokeswoman has also said in a statement that the problems the FDA points out in its 32-page letter are centered on an inspection at a Philadelphia blood center conducted 15 months ago, MSNBC reported.

    “We are disappointed that the FDA believed it necessary to impose a fine for an inspection conducted so long ago,” wrote Stephanie Millian, director of biomedical communications, MSNBC reported. “We are not aware of any adverse donor reactions or patient issues due to the problems in the FDA report.”

    However, a fine in June 2010 was for similar failures in the organization.

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