Tebow: "What part of Matt 6 do you not understand?" (go to your room!!!!)

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    This from my issue of TIME that arrived today: "'When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.' This passage from the Gospel of Matthew was quoted by many readers who object to Tim Tebow's showy displays of his faith on the football field ... " "Hey Tebowers," wrote Bill De Armond of Winfikeld, Kans. "What part of Matthew 6:5-8 do you not understand?"

    Then, on that game winning reception last Sunday, "When I saw him scoring, first of all, I just thought, Thank you, Lord." -- Tim Tebow.

    I find it refreshing that the Creator is taking a few moments from dealing with 5-yr-olds in cancer wards to help the Denver Broncos win that football game.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Every time I think to myself how much of a douche that goober and others like him are, I remember the power of cults and how I was a devoted JDub who thought Joe Hoover's holy spirit guided the crap I was doing.

  • james_woods

    And the sad thing is, according to the surveys, 43% of American football fans actually think God is helping him win games because he is doing this.

    It is delusional.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    This was always one of my pet peeves when a JW, that is, prayer in public -- a restaurant to be specific. We did it as a family but I never liked it.

    Here in the South U.S., it is very common. Lots of Baptists and Church of Christ. I suspect more than half of families and couples practice this.

  • 144001

    Turdbowing will be next!

  • Quentin

    So what, big deal, who cares....he's not the first one to do that and wont be the last. With a news cycle 24/7 we see it all and it GETS BEAT TODEATH.

    When I was a kid there might, might have been a picture the size of a postage stamp along with a 5 line paragraph buried in the sports section of the Ft, Worth Star-Telegram.

    Now we got doctors, lawyers, judges, politicos and entertainment people shoving bucket after bucket of so called news under our noses. from dusk till dawn. I'm surprised to have any brain cells left. Blinded by wave after wave, after wave of Iowa and New Hampshire poles I was ready to blow my brains out.

    Know what's funny? When I was a jw didn't watch any news shows, none. Parade Magazine, comics and the TV guide were my Sunday paper.

  • james_woods

    Well, Quentin - he just got beat 45 to 10.

    Karma is a witch, aint she?

  • JRK

    There is no Tebowing in Muddville, Mighty Tebow has struck out.

    Little Jesus got crucified tonight.


  • 144001

    Tebowing or teabagging?

  • designs

    Tebow must be calling Rick Perry for consolation.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Here I thought he was just being cautious and checking that his laces were tied properly or waiting for that burrito induced indigestion to pass.

  • Lore
    And the sad thing is, according to the surveys, 43% of American football fans actually think God is helping him win games because he is doing this.

    Umm, wouldn't that be considered cheating?

  • Quentin

    Karma is a witch, aint she?

    Heh, heh, yes it is. E-mail coming your way later.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    they need to handicap Tebow to make up for the Jesus factor, which is not sporting, and the distraction it causes other players. The sheer arrogance that Jesus looks out for his personal career to the detriment of all other players of faith or not is sheer arrogance. Christians are supposed to show humility. The Matt. quote is oft-quoted. Tebow is making Jesus look very tacky.

    I stayed in hospices during my illness. When I was well, I volunteered with homeless minisitries and was exposed to the chronic mentally ill, receiving no surfaces. The numbers who stood in line for hours for a bowl of minnestrone soup and peanut butter sandwich was heart aching. Children with cancer are locked up in special centers so the general public is not distressed. I watch those dog and cat abuse hokey commercials on TV--very bad manipulative art but I want to donate all my income.

    Hiding in a closet and secrecy--not the same as kneeling ostentaiously and disrupting major football gamss with an audience in th emillions.

    I notice how ardent Jesus followers seem to know the least of anyone when it comes to simple, express Biblical comments.

    Parents with dying children, sick poooches, cerebral palsy suffers, multiple sclerosis, cancer victims,--all must be so delighted that God is being distracted. I ccall it hillbilly lack of manners.

  • ziddina

    Hear hear to all the comments on this thread!!

    I hate Tebow - and I live in Denver... I hope the Broncos continue to lose and lose big while Tebow is their quarterback...

    Hubby and I were arguing about Tebow - hubby claims that he's not the worst religious hypocrite/nut to come down the football field. He mentioned some guy - "Kurt Warner" - of the Saint Lewis Rams...

    I'm going to look that character up on the internet and see just how bad HE was...

  • ziddina

    Okay, guys, this is really really good!!!

    From this website:


    It seems that Tim Tebow's extreme religiosity is bothering even hard-core "Jezuz" freak Kurt Warner...

    "Take a knee in victory, and the masses cheer. Take a knee in prayer - as Tim Tebow often does on a football field - and it's another story. If the Broncos quarterback could see into the future, he'd be wise to tone down the religious rhetoric just a notch. "You can't help but cheer for a guy like that," former NFL star Kurt Warner said. "But I'd tell him, ‘Put down the boldness in regards to the words, and keep living the way you're living. Let your teammates do the talking for you. Let them cheer on your testimony.' ..."

    Heh, heh, heh, heh....

    The article goes on to state:

    "I didn't think it possible, but Tim Tebow could be the most controversial, polarizing figure in America right now. Both as a quarterback and as a guy. It's like the whole country is divided down the middle on whether he can play in the NFL and about his hyper religiosity. .... And I've avoided the second topic altogether because I think questioning a man's religion is unAmerican. ..... We're all entitled to our beliefs. I mean, personally I like to think the Almighty has bigger fish to fry than whether Nick Novak misses a kick in OT so the Broncos can win. .... I guess I'd feel differently if I got the sense he wasn't being genuine about it. It's not like he just got caught in a hotel room full of cocaine and dead hookers and started testifying for the Lord. This is who he is. And he's easily one of the Top 5 most interesting figures in the NFL this year, so I don't let all the preaching bother me. ..."


    "But on the other hand, when Tebow has lost Kurt Warner, he's in big trouble on this. Warner never took a 5-step drop without believing Jesus was picking up the blind side blitz. And if he's had enough of listening to it, then I don't see how long the rest of us can hold out. The Nixon Administration famously said when Walter Cronkite came out against Vietnam that "When we've lost Cronkite, we've lost the country." When you lose Kurt Warner, you've lost every religious nut. ..."

    Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!!!

    That sure warms the cockles of my lil' ol' eeeeee-vil She-Devil heart!!!

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