What is the "tipping point"?

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  • hotspur

    Given that 1914 and 1975 are disappearing (rapidly?) into the misty veils of history one thought struck me recently?

    Based on the NT statement that "unless the days are cut short, no flesh will be saved" how come we are this far down the path of time with nothing happening? In fact, it must be worse because the "lifesaving work" is getting bigger by the minute!

    There is a massive contradiction in terms of 'cutting short the days' and the amount of work to be done - and that is growing exponentially as the birth rate increases. To my mind the longer it goes on (not cut short) then the chances of survival are reduced. To the ultimate state of total extinction. Yet, God wants all to live.

    So, just what, or when, is the tipping point?

    Don't understand why anybody can subscribe to the GB's continued promulgation of old timescales! 1914 and the Generation thing is blowing itself out of the water.

  • NomadSoul

    Most JWs don't care about the dates. Most don't even know how to explain 1914 and the new generation doesn't know about 1975.

    So I don't think there will be a tipping point based on these doctrines.

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