2/15 WT - WTS Controls by Fear, Confusion, Separating Friends & Family

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  • flipper

    Once again in a WT study article entitled " Imitate Jesus' Example of Watchfulness " the WT society tries to control JW members through fear mongering, confusing them by inconsistent and contradictory wording, and emphasizing devotion to WT society " sacred service " over devotion to family and friends.

    We all know the WT society has always said that " nobody knows the day and hour " of the alleged Armageddon - yet out of the same mouth the WT society claims to know the " day " of the end close enough to have duped people with 1975 and put fear into JW's that the " end " is " imminent" . Notice these quotes from paragraph 4 in this article. It states, " In brief, Jesus wants us to remain watchful because of what we know and what we do not know. " It goes on and says Jesus didn't know the hour and asks, " What about us today ? Is our knowledge of the future limited ? Of course it is ! We do not know just when Jehovah will send forth his Son to put an end to this wicked system of things. If we did, would we really need to keep on the watch ? " Then in the next breath the next paragraph says, " WE DO KNOW a great deal about God's kingdom and what it will accomplish in the NEAR FUTURE . As we look around us , whether at school, at work, or in the territory where we carry out our ministry , do we not observe that most people live in utter darkness regarding these glorious truths ? Each opportunity is precious, and we do not want to squander any. LIVES are at stake ! " O.K. So out of one corner of the WT society's mouth they say " nobody knows the day or hour " - yet they then claim that they know the answers to everything about the " near future " - yet every non-Witness is messed up and in " utter darkness " . What a load of horse manure. So which is it - they know or they don't know ? I lean towards the latter.

    Then trying to emphasize how important family is they give this example of Jesus , " Was Jesus so focused on his work that he was a fanatic or an ascetic ? Was he so absorbed in his ministry that he was aloof from practical needs of families ? No, Jesus set a perfect example of balance. He enjoyed life, taking pleasure in happy times with his friends. He valued families, showing profound empathy for their needs and problems, and he freely showed his affection for children. " So this makes you think the WT society is getting ready to encourage family first and relationships - right ? Not so fast .

    It continues in the next paragraph, " As we imitate Jesus' example of watchfulness, how can we strive for a similar balance ? We DO NOT let this world distract us from our work. Even well-meaning friends and relatives may urge us to slow down in our ministry or to seek a normal life. " ( Seems like they are DISCOURAGING normal human relationships to me ! ) Then it goes on, " If we imitate Jesus, however, we view our ministry as if it were food . " ( Like THAT'S normal behavior ? ) Good lord.

    Then later in the article it puts down husbands for taking jobs which will make them miss meetings. Thus another thing for Witnesses to worry about to appease the WT society leaders and elders. So through keeping JW's in fear of the end times and confusing them with double meanings and hard to interpret, inconsistent " counsel " even regarding how much they should put first the preaching work as opposed to having " normal " relationships with family and friends- is it any wonder most Jehovah's Witnesses are driven around the bend emotionally, mentally, and physically ?

    I'm glad I exited 8 years ago. It's been nice to have my sanity back these last 8 years, what about you ? How do you feel about it ? As always I look forward to any and all comments you would like to make on this article . Look forward to your takes on it. Happy new year everyone ! Let's make it a good one ! Peace out to all of you, Mr. Flipper

  • Judicial Committee
    Judicial Committee

    Like I commented on a earlier thread:

    Throughout my young childhood, the hearing of children being hurried down the isle being spanked and then spanked some more, always caused my stomach to be in knots while setting there doing nothing but circling the word “God” and “Jehovah” in some old Witness magazines or books. Somehow, even at six or seven I knew it was all poppycock.

  • smiddy

    Thnx flipper

    The more I see of quotes like this the more I cringe.How could I have ever been so stupid & gullble not only to accept this crap myself but to influence other members of my relations to join & to top it all off bring my children up in this cult.And it took me 33 years to see the light.


  • wasblind

    Hello there flipper, Happy New Year :))

    " Thrilling events [ are ] in connection with Gods kingdom "________ Reasoning book page 340

    " Why do Jehovah's Witnesses say that Gods Kingdom was established in 1914?________ Reasoning book page 95

    Note what the bible says in contrast to the Jehovah's Witnesses

    Luke 17 : 20 " But on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming , he answered them and said : " the Kingdom of God is not coming with striking observableness "

    Luke 17 : 21 "Neither will people be saying, see here or there !! for look the kingdom of God is in your mist."

    Jehovah Witnesses associate the start of world wide conflict in 1914 with the establishment Of Gods Kingdom

    And yet Luke : 20 ,21 say different

  • flipper

    JUDICIAL COMMITTEE- I remember hearing children getting spanked as well when I was a JW child. Sometimes I got spanked, but not often. It was really creepy seeing angry parents walking down ailses with vitriol in their eyes waiting to spank children for just being children. Creepy.

    SMIDDY- I feel bad as well having raised my 3 children in this cult. My son is free and out, but 2 daughters in their mid 20's are still trapped inside it. Don't feel bad about waiting 33 years to exit the Witnesses. At least you got out earlier than me ! I didn't exit until age 44 .

    WASBLIND- Happy new year to you as well ! Hope you have a great one ! I agree the WT society's views of the " last days " is totally skewed and they are scrambling now with their overlapping generation theory. They don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sizemik
    I'm glad I exited 8 years ago. It's been nice to have my sanity back these last 8 years, what about you ?


    It's been about 8 years for me too Flip . . . not all of them sane however. I look back past those 8 years and see a different man in my body. They were right about one thing . . . they gave me a new personality. I just forgot for 20-odd years that the old personality was far superior. I'm glad to be getting it back . . . even if a bit bruised and battered.

    What's crystal clear to me now is the total self interest of WTS leaders. They are totally heartless when it comes to women, children and family bonds . . . they're deemed of little value next to their personal and organisational aspirations. Curiously, these are by far the most important things in my life now. And these things should be the chief concern of any sane and normal man.

  • nugget

    I feel for those still in and trying to make sense of this nonsense. They state that Jesus is the example they try to imitate and yet there actions are far removed from his teachings. They say how important family was to Jesus that he was caring and loving and then they say that family is not that important. Don't get jobs that make you miss meetings because listening to poorly prepared talks for 2 hours is more important than feeding your family and keeping a roof over your head.

    It seems as if they are placing themselves in every family corrupting the blood relationships devaluing family concerns as interfering. If a family member is telling you to slow down there is generally a good reason for it. In a normal world your family are the people you rely on and care for. By devaluing the opinions and importance of family then they are positioned as an obstacle with the idea that they can be cast off if they do not agree with your religious point of view.

  • 3rdgen

    Hi Flipper, Sooo nice to finally get to talkwith you and your lovely wife. I haven't read the article you quoted from but It's obvious nothing written in the WT has improved since I quit reading them. The heinous story about Selma and her jackass husband was pretty much the last one I've read. completely agree with all the comments written so far.

    Yeah, whatever you do, don't listen to family and friends who encourage you to look after your health. The sooner you drop dead the sooner we(WT$) will inherate your estate. Besides the end is so close, you don't have to worry about preparing for old age- Oh you already ARE old? We already took the last of your money and wont give it back? Well just go on welfare and rot in the county hospital. Problem solved.

    As you know Flip, they really did say that about my mom.

  • xelder

    Mr Flipper {sigh} my, my, my {shakes head},

    Dont you realize that Russell, Joe Rutherford, Knorr, Freddie, and Ted are all looking down at you from God's right hand and frowning?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Want a job that will cause you to miss meetings? Just apply for Bethel, especially for the work on their building projects.

  • wasblind

    Huggs to Flipper :)

    I also feel bad that I introduced my daughter to this mess

    glad we both got out.

    But please remember this, and this goes for all parents on this board

    you did what you thought was best at the time, out of love for your family

    and when you learned better, you did better, you got out

    Please remember that Flipp, try not to let the guilt consume you

    what you did was out of love, not hate, you have not turned your

    back on your daughters, your arms are opened wide

    all they have to do is come to you


  • flipper

    Thanks for all the great comments.

    SIZEMIK- I'm so glad you got your old authentic personality back ! Good for you. You are a great person and I totally enjoy your personality. Indeed- Self interest and control is what the WT society is all about. Very heartless towards individual needs of JW's . What's important to them is the WT organization first and people not at all.

    NUGGET- I too feel the WT society is corrupting and infiltrating family loyalties to destroy and break families down totally. If the WT society can conquer and divide it's easier for them to control people. In a normal life family helps us stay grounded. But the WT society sees family ties as a threat to their power and control over people.

    3RDGEN- It was great talking with you and your husband as well ! Look forward to meeting you both sometime soon. The article on spousal abuse about Selma's experience was horrific. It shows how the WT society devalues women and supports spousal abuse. You make a great point about the WT society wanting Witnesses money so naturally they devalue people's health as well - the sooner JW's die - the sooner the WTS can get their hands on their money. I'm so sorry the WTS did that to your family and your mom. It;s disgusting. And immoral. WT society has NO conscience whatsoever.

    LONE WOLF- Your post didn't come through. It's blank. Perhaps you might post your thoughts again please ? thanks. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Scully

    Sorry LoneWolf, I had to delete your post as it was showing up blank in IE (although it was visible in Chrome and Firefox) and people were not able to read further in the thread.

    Here is the text of your reply:

    Hi, Flip!

    I wholeheartedly agree too.

    You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see a separate website set up specifically for the Watchtower publications, but done in a way that minimizes or eliminates our opinions, because our opinions are what scares the ones still in the most. They won’t listen to them.

    Instead, take each article and dissect it, quoting a certain part as you did above, then contrasting it with something else. For instance, quote their words about not knowing the day or the hour and contrast that with their “knowing” it is soon. Simply ask which it is. At most, ask why God wouldn’t want them to know the day or the hour, for if the reason is to catch people as they really are instead of the false front they put on when trying to impress someone, wouldn’t the Society’s efforts tend to counteract Jehovah’s reason for arranging things that way?

    In regard to the part about their minimizing family values to being secondary, contrast that with a scripture or two and then ask how one can accomplish both at the same time.

    About the husbands finding work, contrast that with the scripture that states that the man who doesn’t provide for his family is worse than an infidel. Ask how this is to be understood, especially in a down economy like we have now.

    Contrast things between the public and study issues, and ask why we need to keep things secret from the public.

    Don’t give any answers to these questions. Let them hang in the air.


  • flipper

    Thank you SCULLY for re-posting Lone Wolf's post ! Really appreciate it ! And for fixing the technical problem. Thanks again.

    LONE WOLF- I really like your ideas ! Really great thoughts on how to approach the WT society's information in order to inform JW's. That's a good method you have in asking the questions and leaving them hanging in the air without answers. I like it. And your idea of dissecting the information and showing how the WT society contradicts itself in putting across opposing thoughts which don't make sense is a good idea. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • 00DAD

    LONEWOLF: You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see a separate website set up specifically for the Watchtower publications, but done in a way that minimizes or eliminates our opinions ... Instead, take each article and dissect it, quoting a certain part as you did above, then contrasting it with something else.

    Here are a couple of Websites that pretty much do that:

  • WTWizard

    Seems that, at any given time, field circus is the most important thing. That is, for the witlesses.

    Field circus comes before health. Thus, if you are doing so much field circus that your health is endangered or you are doing things in the name of field circus that are threatening your health, you are supposed to continue doing it instead of cutting back.

    Field circus comes before family. Thus, if you spend almost no time with family to the point where "marriage" becomes stagnant, you are not supposed to cut back on field circus so you are more balanced.

    Field circus comes before money. If you have a job where you work enough to put food on the table, you need to cut back so you have more time for field circus. Never mind if the bills don't get paid. Field circus is more important.

    And, if you have to miss a boasting session because of such a miniscule thing as paying your bills, you should simply do without. Live on the damn streets, suffer with sickness because you are not taking care of yourself, go hungry, and be miserable--just don't miss boasting sessions or do less than the theoretical maximum field circus you can. After all, such a little thing as unbearable pain shouldn't stop you--Jehovah doesn't suffer if you have to put yourself through more than you can bear just to get that extra door or person into the cancer.

  • flipper

    X-ELDER- Actually Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Freddie, and Ted can all sit on their thumbs and rotate for all I care - if they ARE sitting on God's right hand. Personally - I think they are just decomposing and becoming worm food between you and me.

    ROOM 215- The WT society really do themselves a disservice by overworking Bethel workers. They are too tired to go to meetings anyway.

    WASBLIND- Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. I know that my JW daughters realize I will be here for them if they ever leave the cult. They know my love is unconditional. Like yourself- my heart goes out to all of us JWNers who are being shunned by their children, or any family members. We just have to keep hope that someday something will change in our kids. I'm glad you and your daughter escaped WAS ! I know you are relieved also. Hugs back to you.

    00DAD- Good point. Thanks for posting the links to those 2 great websites which really help people think clearly.

    WT WIZARD- I think you hit the nail on the head about how much the WT society wants JW's to go out in field service. WT society doesn't care if your marriage is falling apart , your health is bad, you limp on one leg, or if you've had an amputation of your private parts - you better damn well get your time in each month. Very well put- WT Wizard. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    BTTT, any comments appreciated. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ziddina
  • flipper

    ZIDDINA- Thanks for the bump. Been off the board a few days. Been busy. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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