11,824 Memorial Partakers in 2011

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  • WTWizard

    Seems the old hockey stick from the global warming chart is coming onto the anointed.

  • Lozhasleft

    When I first partook in the early 90s it was as if I had become the devil.....sorry was just being honest.

    Loz x

  • donuthole

    Just before the new teaching kicked in younger ones who partook were treated with incredible disdain if not outright hostility. I'm wondered if the climate has cooled down.

    My uninspired predictions are that they will keep the literal 144k number, stop reporting the number, water down the differences between "anointed" versus "non-anointed", reinterpret the FDS as applying exclusively to the Governing body.

  • Achille

    Yes, the number at the bottom in the graphic are the years.
    See also here: www.infotdgeova.it/statistiche7.php

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I see, the number on the bottom is starting in 1970. How many years ago was it that there were 11K+ partakers?

    I think as the stigma wears off on partaking, that the number will jump. There's still alot of hesitation based on the way this was spun to the rank and file, but I feel that once the stigma begins to fade, that number will jump

  • Quendi

    The WTS has no choice but to continue to publish Memorial partaker figures since that has been a feature of the religion for decades. To stop counting and publishing now would spark a revolt. The hot water the Governing Body finds itself in will only get hotter since too many remember the teaching that as the end approached the number of partakers would diminish so to ignore those figures would tell the rank-and-file that something has seriously gone wrong.

    The solution, as has been suggested elsewhere, will be "new light" that will a) say the number 144,000 is symbolic and b) the "faithful and discreet slave class" comprises only the Governing Body. And we may see a corollary development with an assertion that one need not be of the anointed to have a seat among the religion's ruling clique.

    I agree with those who say the rank-and-file will swallow whatever the Governing Body eventually tells them hook, line and sinker. These are people who have chosen to surrender their God-given free will and power of reason to those who do not have their best interests at heart. But it is difficult for me to feel any pity for them because the alternative path is open and accessible to any and all of them. They simply won't allow themselves to set foot upon it and so deserve any bad consequences they will suffer.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I don't see it as doctrine that must remain. In fact, when the Bookstudy was eliminated without much noise from the rank and file I was convinced that anything the crazy old guys from NY claim, will be eaten up throroughly by the dubs.

  • Quendi

    Th number of Memorial partakers has risen 36.5% in just ten years, a figure I suspect is greater than the growth in the number of Witnesses over that same period. That has to be a cause of great concern for the Governing Body and anyone who still retains the power of rational thought among Jehovah's Witnesses. I would think, however, that this comparison won't be discussed in the literature, from the platform or among traveling overseers. But it may well get a lot of private discussion.


  • Achille

    «How many years ago was it that there were 11K+ partakers?»

    47 years ago, in 1964:

  • Larsinger58


    Does Larsinger58 believe his own posts?


    ROFL! I empathize with you. This is really a few lanes over from the mainstream. The average person here, I think, don't believe tghe WTS is any special organization or in any way "God's chosen people" or "spiritual Israel" as they claim. Many don't believe the Bible at all. So this topic are for those who actually believe the "anointed" are truly real and thus "holy spirit" is real and that the WTS is fulfilling Bible prpohecy. I'm on the complete extreme end of things since I'm part of the fulfillment of all of this. So, YES, I believe my own posts but I'm speaking from actually living it. I'm of the anointed and am explaining this from the "inside" of what is actually happening. I'm not just interpreting scripture. But this will only have meaning for a very select few. The others, like yourself, will fall into the category of those whose minds are blinded and who cannot believe, even if explained in detail. It was designed that way. To simply not be able to be seen as being real. This directly fulfills Acts 13:41:

    41 ‘Behold it, YOU scorners, and wonder at it, and vanish away, because I am working a work in YOUR days, a work that YOU will by no means believe even if anyone relates it to YOU in detail.’”

    So this topic is where we see some subjective spillover fulfillment of a very specific understanding applying to a very limited group.

    In general, think of the WTS as the field of wheat and weeds, where Satan sows weeds into the organization from the very beginning. To save the wheat in this organization, the decision was made to "let the wheat and weeds grow together until the harvest" and then separate the wheat from the weeds. That plays out taking the "little flock" out of the WTS and bringing them to "other sheep not of this fold" and then abandoning the WTS as apostate. That's what is happening right now. The WTS has no truth about the reality of what is happening, is apostate and rejected, is in spiritual darkness. They are the "evil slave" now since 1992 and particularly since 1996, when all covenants end for both Jews and JWs.

    But if you don't believe the Bible and are not a witness, this means nothing and seems like nonsense. Even so, it is still real. There is a 'chasm" between those in the inside and those on the outside, so there is nothing those on the inside, who are experiencing the reality, can do to help those on the outside.

    I guess for the outsiders the "reality wake-up call" will be Armageddon. That will be the ultimate confirmation of the Bible as true. But there are lots of thiings that need to take place (i.e. 2nd coming, sealing of 1,440,000 elect, 1st resurrection, etc.) before Armageddon begins so when it actually begins, then you will know these things have taken place, but they are things that are not readily observable or completely invisible. All thuis will come as a "thief in th enight" for 99.9% of the world with respect to Christ's 2nd coming.


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