"We Need a New Pledge"

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  • mauiboy

    In our local paper (Maui News) on Dec.11 there appeared an article entitle "We need a new Pledge". It dealt with the need for childrens protection from pedophiles. It screamed for an answer noting the Victorian law reagrding 'Working With Children' as an example of what has been done elsewhere in the world towards this end. If you care to read it, go to www.mauinews.com then click on opinions shown just under the newspapers name. Then click on Editorials and scroll back to Dec. 11...Please note that anyone can submit a letter to the editor mentioning anything related to the subject that may be of interest to the community here on the island. Of course, if an editorial has alredy been written, then it's a given that at least some of the community is interested in this subject. If that letter happened to contain a sentence or two regarding JW's refusal to submit despite the efforts of local authorities prompting and offering help to do this, it may be entirely appropos. Perhaps mention of a link to www.stevenunthank.com and his "religious manifesto" for more background info on the law and the JW's obstenance to submitting. I t would be polite to conclude with praise for Victoria Australia for their bold steps in all areas of the situation. I want to do this myself, but must not have my name shown in the paper as it would wreak to havoc in my home life and more than likely an attempt to DF me....seperating me from my daughter and g'kids.....couldn't bear that. If you have comments or want more info, please feel free to PM me. I will check for messages as I'm able; usually when my wife is away on Tues. and Sunday at her meetings and I have some quiet, private time. Be patient for a response.

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  • mauiboy

    Thats the one....any takers? Maybe a chance to make at least a few people aware of whats going on. Maybe a good lead-in for the Feb 21st (if it doesn't get delayed again) courtroom drama.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Are you looking for local people to do this?

    They may be a bit surprised to find readers of their news in Australia...and may not publish either...


  • mauiboy

    People from all over the world submit letters to the Maui News and they seem to publish any and all that meet their criteria: Don't exceed 250 words, be of local interest, etc. Wh get lots of visitors from everywwhere and its surprising how many read and contribute long after their trips here. So, I'm guessing it would fly. Most local people who are in my position (possibly a DF'ing candidate) would probably not do it. I'm thinking it may be a chance to put a thought in the dubs head so that they might be prepared mentally to realize this isn't an 'apostate' issue should it make mainstream media in Feb. Thanks for the Q.

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