Georgetown University Hospital's bloodless surgery program

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    --I happened to notice ads on the subway in my area promoting this program from Georgetown University Hospital, which is in Washington, DC. There are quite a few videos here, even one from the local news channel, about the program and it includes a JW who had a stomach tumor and was able to get surgery due to this program. (They even showed a copy of the "No Blood" card on that news report.)

    I think what makes me wonder about this is, why aren't all the hospitals seeking bloodless surgery programs? The religious debate aside, wouldn't it be a good idea to find ways to minimize blood loss regardless of one's beliefs?

    Of course I'm also worried because I'm looking at my JW wife's "No Blood" card. Granted, I would support her choice in regards to not taking blood. But I find it unconscionable that the Watchtower Society has effectively overruled all family relationships and essentially says, the only family this person really has is JWs, they have taken over the right to make medical decisions for your loved one. All without taking any of the financial or emotional responsibility for any of the consequences of that. They'll step in, make medical decisions, and at most, give a talk at your funeral if you die because you just happened to refuse the particular procedure that might save you.

    But I certainly don't think blood is a cure-all or that it should be the go-to whenever things go south. I think it would be just plain good science to avoid transfusions and minimize blood loss as much as possible.

    Well, just putting this out there, though it could be that someone else has already posted it. Just wanted to hear some thoughts, is all. Lastly, some frank condemnation of all the wicked: "You evergreen tree-worshipping pagans. Happy Nimrod-Saturnalia Day to you all, you bird food at Armageddon. May your eyes rot from your sockets, and your tongues rot from your mouths as Jehovah executes his righteous judgment. And when you look upon the horrifying visage of the glorified Theodore Jaracz as he comes with Jesus and the angels to conquer, you'll realize where you all went wrong, by not obeying his every word.

    Oh. Sorry. Went too far. "


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