How to STOP Jehovah's Witness, and Watchtower Society child abuse instantly.

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  • Balaamsass

    The cases of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse some Jehovah's Witnesses youth suffer ( and recounted on this site) is beyond barbaric. Do you KNOW of a CHILD treated this way directly or indirectly in the last few years? ARE YOU A J.W. YOUTH LOOKING FOR HELP? LET US KNOW, THERE are many JVN members willing to help you end the abuse.

    There are THOUSANDS of Members on this site, and even thousands more surf this site. WHY NOT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT TODAY?

    Many adults are reluctant to rock the boat or risk "Disfellowshipping" or Shunning, can you imagine the fear a JW youth experiences?

    A simple cheap VOIP gadget like "Magic Jack" can spoof or foil caller ID and make long distance calls free. A "Spoof" card to foil caller ID is only about $10. There are many of these types cards example: Some even change a voice and can be used from a pay booth. Simply google the childs town, and call the police, and REPORT these cases today...even OLD ONES..the police, District Attorney and Courts will decide statutes. In most of the Western World they will find the child, investigate, and make inquiries. Thousands of these reports with the resultant publicity, may pressure local elders (who may be jailed) and Watchtower legal to put an end to this BARBARIC practice, at LEAST FOR MINORS.

    There is a lot of information on this site regarding how these practices hurt children. WE CAN EFFECT CHANGE, AT THE VERY LEAST, PROVIDE SOME HOPE FOR THESE CHILDREN.

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