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  • razorMind

    Does anyone remember a little cartoon in the 1970's, in which the main character was a egg-like crystal(?) creature named Ludwig? When it came on, Ludwig would fly into the scene with a little propeller, to the tune of a little violin musical ditty (Beethoven, I assume)

    When landing, Ludwig would produce arms, legs, a violin and bow out of his panels, and begin playing. Also, a guy with a Sherlock Holmes hat and cape would always look on with binoculars. He'd say bemusedly, "ah.....Ludwig!" The show always came on this way.

    Very, very few people remember this. I'd like to know if anyone here does. (Also, hopefully to verify that I am not insane)

  • puzzled

    your insane

  • Sunchild

    Hm. When I saw the title, I thought of the movie A Clockwork Orange!


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  • Rummy1

    Razor you're not insane unless we both have exactly the same imagination ! I remember Ludwig too! Absolutely bizarre man!
    It was actually only about 5 mins per show and was shown on BBC1
    here (UK)about 1977 (?) Whoever conceived this show was on something!
    It reminds me now of Terry Gilliam's Monty Python cartoons.

  • Simon

    Yes! I remember Ludwig but wasn't the music Mozart?

  • Simon

    BTW: I think that it is a warning (along with 'the Magic Roundabout') of what can happen when people involved with childrens television take mind-altering drugs.

  • expatbrit

    Never mind.

  • Englishman

    The line also featured in the stage version of "Cabaret", it was in fact the opening line of the Hitler youth anthem "Tomorrow belongs to me"


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