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  • exwhyzee

    When thinking about the wealth of the organization, I used to wonder how anyone of us would ever really know if someone was actually getting rich, personally profiting or living the highlife using Watchtower funds. I always figured that if there were something like that going on, the U.S. government would surely have found this out and would have gladly exposed it. Then some time ago someone made a post indicating that there are those who are being paid by the Watchtower. I didn't get to read it over thoroughly but it said something about there being certain individuals or families who are paid dividends from the Watchtower.

    Has anyone ever found any proof that there are individuals who are personally profiting from this organization ?

  • recapitated

    No proof is necessary. Where there is big money there is always someone directly benefitting from it. The governments of the world are merely employees of the corporate powers-that-be. They will never "expose" their masters.

  • alanv

    Ray Franz who was an ex governing body member made it clear that the gov body members did not get huge paychecks. However as has been said before, they do not need lots of money as everything is paid for them. A nice apartment, three good meals a day, endless vacations to ecotic parts of the world where all they need to do is stand up and give manuscript talk. They get free healthcare, a nice modern car, all utilities paid for, and often receive money from individual witnesses. Many would give their eye teeth for a package like that.

  • DaCheech

    The organization is non-profit.

    The governing body is $0.00 paid.

    But, there's gotta be stock holders.

    Just because the org. is non-profit--> does not legally stop it from paying the stockholders (board)

  • 00DAD

    Although the GB members may not have large PERSONAL bank accounts, they get to live as though they do. It's like having a limitless "Expense Account".

    Make a rough estimate of what it would cost to live like a GB member with a nice apartment in Brooklyn, traveling the globe, staying in posh hotels. If an individual had to pay it all themselves it'd probably require at least a couple hundred grand a year income. Not bad for a bunch of guys with no "Higher Education" and who, for the most part, have never, ever had "real" jobs!!!

  • ABibleStudent

    If Judge Rutherford had a mistress, was supplied plenty of liquor, traveled extensively, and lived and died in Beth Sarim (Hebrew for "Houseof the Princes"), what prevents the current GB members from living the same way? I'm sure that some of the current GB members are aware of how Judge Rutherford lived and would be tempted to live the same.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • DaCheech

    You guys are right, but look at my post: there is another group besides the governing body that's getting $$$$$

  • recapitated

    DaCheech you are correct, and it is precisely that other group that truly controls the organization. The GB in a sense is nothing more than middle-management taking orders from them.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I recall that right from the days of Russell there were 70? shares in the WTBTS that nobody seems to be able to account for?

    If that is still the case then perhaps the watchtower is owned by say, Mr Smith Inc who purchased 51% of the shares in 1974 and now reaps a lot of dollars off his investment?

    Dont know....just wondering you know.

    BUT those shares have to be out there dont they?


  • JAFO

    I'm hoping to start a thread on this very subject soon.. not finished researching it though.. I'll make sure the thread title is eye-catching.. you won't miss it.

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