SNL Parody of the Kardashian Wedding/Divorce

by Broken Promises 6 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Broken Promises
  • sizemik

    LOL . . . too funny.

  • talesin

    Mwaa hahaha!!!! I hadn't seen the whole thing before, just a clip.

    I just ... don't ... get it? What's the fascination that America has with these gurls? *YAWN*


  • finallysomepride


    so glad she didn't turnup down here feeew

    would have been on the news all the time

    it was bad enough when she cancelled

    the news plp down here are really nuts, they would put some dumb cow on as a news headline rather than 5 plp killed in car accident, yeah i know they do it everywhere


  • talesin

    Don't get me wrong, they are smart businesswimmyn. They learned well from both mom and dad, I would suspect. That's to be commended, and well, if an adult woman wants to do a sex tape, that's her business. At least this one built a multi-million-dollar industry off it,, and not by ripping people off or marrying into wealth. A smart cookie, that Kim.

    The thing is, I no more want to watch them live their lives than I would the Donald, or for that matter, if you want 'hunky', let's say the Goodyear Tire trust fund baby,,, Andrew, I believe?

    It's like,, so what? who cares?

    I also think that Ms. Kardasshian (sp?) is to be commended for 'stepping away from a publicity marriage quickly'. If she made money, well, isn't that the American dream? If you bought into it, well, that's life, but don't criticize her for it. She is becoming akin to a cultural icon, believe it, or not.

    (PS, this has nothing to do with the thread or OP,,,resume hahas at parody, which was great! I am v. tired, and having a crusty, 'andy rooney' moment )


  • 00DAD

    So what is she famous for, I mean besides being well known?

  • DaCheech

    I blame all the people that watch her show, buy her products, and buy the trash tabloids.

    When a mall pays them alot of $$$$ for appearance and you show up?

    When a club pays them alot of $$$$ for appearance and you show up?

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