JEFFRO !!!! did we ever meet?

by wobble 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • wobble

    I was born in, born in Kent in 1950, so we must at the very least know a few people in common, PM me if you are interested in a chat.

  • Jeffro

    Hi. If you're in Kent, it is unlikely that we ever met. I am in Australia. I lived in the UK during parts of 2008-2009, and I never met any former JWs while I was there.

    I hadn't been active on this forum for some time, and there no longer appears to be a method to update my location.

  • wobble

    Thanks mate, my son is in Perth working at the moment, he was never a baptised JW, and loves life in Oz, I guess he may very well stay there for good.

    I just thought there was a chance you were one of my fellow Kentish (JW) Rebels from my youth.

    Maybe when Simon updates this site again at some point we will be able to easily update our stuff and keep everyone more informed.

    I have enjoyed your contributions to this site, I went back and read a lot, so please keep joining in !

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