Does Voice Coaching really work?

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  • Quarterback

    I do remember how my voice sounded in my younger years. That voice is rusty and dissappeared through many years. Have any of you had voice lessons, and does it really work?

  • designs

    Voice lessons definitely work just listen to Herman Cain

    On the Theocratic Ministry School Counsel Slip he has gone from Work-On to Improved.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Most of the famous singers had voice lessons. They work.

    The lessons teach you how to make the most of your voice and how to strengthen and project it.

    I had them everyday through out all the years of school through the choir program.

    It takes lots of work and exercise to build a good quality voice.

    Natural talent doesn't hurt, either.

  • JeffT

    My daughter studied muscial theater for a number of years and has worked professionally as a choreographer. She's both taken and taught voice lessons. If you want to do musicals it is practically a requirement as they are looking for a certain sound (and cheesy pop princess or boy band ain't it). You also need to be able to project without a microphone and maintain your vocal chords.

  • Quarterback

    LOL, Designs.

    Hermain Cain needs more than lessons from the TMS. He doesn't even know how to lie like a good politician.

    Thanks, White Dove, and Jeff. Just looking for something to do in my retirement years. I know the Soc will have other plans for me, but, I do plan to enjoy my retirement, and not slave for another company.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Both my brother and I had speech lessons as children. I attended a few classes to make my accent more the bland standardized Middle Western one. It demanded more work and discipline. My natural accent is not bad. Perfectly acceptable. I don't understand why a Midwestern Accent is considered the best but it is the same rule in France. A close friend studied opera for quite a period of time. In fact, I met many opera singers through her. They seemed to live their lives around voice lessons. It was costly so I don't think they would do it unless it was proven.

    Roger Daltrey, who must be around 70 now, lost his voice several years so. He was touring and would walk off the stage in frustration during concerts. Voice lessons were very effective. He toured alone this year singing Tommy. Next year, Pete Townshend and he are scheduled to do Quadrophenia on tour. It must help.

  • WhereWasI

    If you want to change your speaking style, say for instance you're a woman that sounds like a little girl, or maybe you want to change your accent or other problems, there is a book called Talk To Win. I found it very interesting.

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