Bible Students - have you spoken with them or attended their meetings?

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  • JWStruggle

    The Bible Students are very friendly and loving people and I recently attended a convention of theirs.

    I was wondering if many on here have had dealings with them? I do not think I am ready to join any organized religious group ever again, but they are welcoming and sincere and I do like many of the things Russell taught. He certainly wouldn't have stood for what Rutherford did to the WTBTS.

  • ScenicViewer

    The Bible Students are very friendly and loving people...

    Several months ago I was looking for a set of Watchtower Reprints. In my search I emailed a a few Bible Student groups to see if they had any. All had been sold.

    A couple of months later I heard from one man again, who said he had an extra personal set that he would part with, since he was moving and 'downsizing' and didn't have room for them. He neglected to give me a price, even after I asked. After repeated requests for a price, he finally said 'they were given to me, so I will give them to you,' and based that on the scripture that says "you received free, give free."

    He would only let me pay for shipping, and I was seriously wanting to pay for them.

    That is my only experience with a Bible Student, and if he is representative of the group, they are outstanding people.

  • oldlightnewshite

    We had some in our territory. I found some of their teachings a bit crazy, and used to walk away from the door scratching my head. They used to be very open and eager to discuss doctrine and prophecy. Our elders used to tell us to avoid talking to them, but I used to think they've got just as much right to the message as everybody else, etc... I honestly thought there weren't very many of them left, as they were all quite old.

    You went to a convention???


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    This was a mind blower for me. The WT always made it sound like an other Bible students just kinda burned out as they splintered. But then the internet aha, they even have conventions. But I shouldn't be surprised by the BS just like everything else.

    I belive there are a couple of posters here that consider themselves Bible Students

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I, too, had the impression that they either repented and became JWs again or cease to exist. In fact, I ony found out they existed through another forum. Someone's background seems to match my own so I sent a private message. They seem to get no press or other recognition. I wonder what it is like being part of such a tiny group.

    Were any young people present?

  • designs

    I went to Bible Student conventions after I left the JWs, interesting group, mainly stick close to CTR writings. The other group, the original splinter group from 1906, the Millennial Christian Fellowship do not follow CTR also have nice conventions, both are very friendly.

  • JWStruggle

    They are fiercely independant, very sincere and yes alive and well. There is about one million worldwide or so I was told. The WTO wants us to think they all became JWs but actually only a small percentage did.

    Their numbers in any one place are small, but they seem to be all over the place. They are very progressive in the use of technology and yes they stream some of their conventions and meetings over the internet.

    @ Band on the run - "Were there any young people?" That was surprising to me bc there was virtually none. A few teens were there but in another room separated from the main auditorium. No little ones at all. Most were over 50, a small amount in their 40s, and just one sister that was about 30. No one in their 20s.

    @Oldlightnewshite - Well it was a two day but I only went to one full day. They know how to pace themselves though, not like a JW convention where you have one mind-numbing talk after another. They would sing a song and have a prayer, then give a talk, usually 30-45 minutes. But then you would have a 30 minute break. People would visit, mull around, get refreshments in the dining room nearby, then it would start again with song, prayer and a talk, then another nice long 30 minute break. A much easier and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Heaven

    JWStruggle... sounds like that one person is quite decent. I'm the same as you when it comes to joining any religious group. While they may look good on the outside, you have no real idea until you are 'in' what actually is going on. I have my issues with the Bible so that makes me very leary of any sort of religion.

    I did not know until just recently that the Bible Students actually still existed. My Mom had told me they renamed themselvse to Jehovah's Witnesses. The real truth is there was a schism back in the 1920s. Apparently she was lied to as well.

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