Weird things JWs can't own or wear

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  • lilbluekitty

    Also posted on the Yuku forum.

    I thought it might be amusing to make a list of things I remember when I was a dub that we couldn't have or own or wear. (Some of these things vary by where you live, in other places dubs have them, it just depends). Obviously the list goes on forever, but feel free to add things. Oh and certain things are just obvious like cigarettes, drugs, sex toys, etc.

    Wind chimes
    "Indian" corn on your door
    Wreaths on your door
    A single candle or fake candle in each window
    Harry Potter stuff
    Lord Of The Rings stuff
    Fairies, unicorns, mermaids, other "magical" creatures
    Disney movies
    Anything with the word "magic" in it, even if it was just something cute for kids
    Horror movies
    Rated R movies
    Heavy metal, rap, country, rock (you get the idea)
    Other versions of the Bible
    Religious books not by the society
    Pokemon and other anime
    Yin yangs
    Peace signs
    Horn jewelery
    Anything religious such as statues, icons, what have you, pictures of Jesus unless drawn by the society (apparently the idea of Jesus having long hair is evil)
    Anything considered "pagan"
    Angels, even the cute cherubs
    In some areas, heart shapes are considered pagan, same with stars

    Clothes items you can't wear to the meeting (but some of these things you can wear anywhere else)
    Fishnet stockings
    Flip flops
    Women with bare legs
    Men wearing hats (but women can)
    Skirts at or above the knee
    Funny ties (like Mickey Mouse)
    Funny socks
    In some areas, even mustaches (sp?)
    Women wearing pants
    Any haircolor not deemed "natural" and even if it is a normal color like blonde, you may be viewed as "slutty"
    Dark lipstick
    Any piercing except one hole in each ear for women only
    Ankle bracelets
    Toe rings
    Black or very dark nail polish
    In some areas, women wearing tank tops or sleeveless tops
    Tube tops or tube dresses
    In some areas, extremely long skirts and dresses are considered immodest
    I've noticed dubs treat people with incredibly pale skin and dark hair like they're worldly and "gothic"
    Oh yeah goth clothes are considered evil and even if you just wear black a lot they think you're goth
    Natural red-heads sometimes get picked on for their hair being too bright
    High heels over 3 inches
    Certain types of shoes are considered too "extreme"

    The list goes on, but let's see what's "banned" in your area?

  • flipper

    Thongs ? Nudity ? Mini-Skirts ? Push-up bras ? Gorilla costumes ? Tinker Bell costumes ?Anything Halloween ? Just a few from my memory of being a JW. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • lilbluekitty

    Hah that's true, I bought thong underwear once in my early 20s and my mother thought sure I was fornicating and when I had a pair in my bag when I visited my grandparents my grandmother threw them in the trash without saying a word to me about it. *rolls eyes*

  • NoRegrets

    My dad had a bible study who's daughters LOVED the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the '80s. (I actually did, too, but kept it on the DL.) Anyway, we

    had a Sunday public talk speaker go off on a personal tangent against said Turtles. Needless to say, it was the first meeting that the bible study had attended........and it was his last!

  • EmptyInside

    You can't wear jean skirts to the meetings. But,I've always had wind chimes,even as a Witness. I think that is an old timer thing,only radical Witnesses still go by that one. lol. The ones who believe everything is pretty much demonized.

    My friend moved out of an apartment and a Witness moved in right after her. She left something with Japanese symbols on it. He found it and threw it out. When she asked about it,he told her he thought it had spiritistic symbols on it and threw it away. She said it was a gift from her uncle. He felt bad then,and said he would replace it. But,it came from Japan,and her uncle is an elder,so I doubt he would buy any symbols that would summon spirits,hahaha.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    No Beatles albums - not even the Ed Sullivan period. No Beatles posters.

    Their dress is so bizarre now that I can spot a Bethelite on the NYC subway. I confirm my suspicions. Can;t explain how I know but the overall impression is clear. I don't tell them I'm apostate. They freak cause they don't whether I am active or not. Next, I flirt with them a bit. Funny. Used to be so terrified of them.There was a huge difference between NJ and Mass in what you could wear. So stockings are required even if sweltering heat? So sick.

  • lilbluekitty

    Yeah stockings are required up north at least (New England area) even if the temperatures reach the 90s or more. When my mom pioneered one year when I was a kid, during the summer one day she just ripped off her stockings and told the sister she was with that if it offended her that my mom didn't want to die of heat stroke then maybe she'd like to work with someone else. The sister she was with ripped off her stockings too =D

    The worst thing, is in the winter up there, my sister and I were still forced to go out in service no matter what unless it was snowing (because no one would open their doors lol, smart people!) with skirts and thin little stockings on. Finally my mom felt bad for us and started letting us wear long coats with leggings on underneath our skirts.

    Do sisters in Alaska and Russia and stuff have to wear skirts out in service, I wonder??? Poor things!!

  • 00DAD

    You can't wear Flip-flops!?!? Are you kidding!!!

    Flip-flps should be the preferred recreational shoes of all JWs everywhere.

    If you gotta' ask why, you'll never get it, so don't bother.

  • lilbluekitty

    Yeah flip-flops at meetings were a huge topic where I grew up in New England. They were considered inappropriate footwear because bros. decided they only belonged at the beach. Basically any thong-type sandal was not allowed.

  • N.drew

    OODAD I get it, but probably would not have got it if you didn't leave a qualifier. flip flop = flip flopping. Not swiss yet.

  • JustThatGirl007

    Yup, LilBlu is right (we grew up in neighboring congs). Ohhhhh, the JOY I got from wearing flip flops to the memorial one year! LOL (I was pregnant and didn't give a damn. It's all about comfort, baby.)

  • N.drew

    It was raining once on the way to the District Convention. I knew the parking area was dirt, so I brought my beach sandals so I would not get my shoes dirty. Well, guess what the first talk was about and guess who didn't change her shoes yet.

  • Cellist

    We wore pants and long underwear out in service during the cold winter months in northern Alberta. I remember one brother telling me in early winter that it wasn't cold enough to be wearing pants. I asked him if he had long underwear on under his wool pants and when he said yes, I told him he was a hypocrite. He shut up after that.


  • cantleave

    Charm bracelets were a Big no-no!

    Guess what we have bought our daughter for Xmas this year

  • N.drew

    Logos of anything

  • PaintedToeNail

    Some of the things on that list seem to be just regional stuffiness. I know many JWs with other versions of the bible, horn jewelry, pantyhose-less legs, super stilettos, fishnets (my hubby constantly wants me to wear those). I have seen many a funny tie and have known elders/MS's who dyed and/or highlighted their hair. It depends on the location of the cong. and the values of those attending, and who is the alpha male in the cong.

    Lets face some other facts: Unless you have really nice, perky boobs and shoulders or GREAT support wear, you shouldn't wear any kind of a tube top...sagging boobs are far from attractive. Flip-flops are beach wear and sometimes even called shower shoes (they help to prevent athletes foot fungus transmission), they do not belong in most public places. Sneakers are athletic shoes, they too have a place, and it isn't in a dress up enviroment, just like high heeled pumps don't belong on the tennis court. There are many shoe manufacturers who makes attractive, reasonably priced, extremely comfortable shoes for women who don't want to go through life looking frumpy for the sake of comfort.


  • 00DAD

    PTN: My suggestion that all JWs should wear flip-flops has NOTHING to do with fashion, or the lack thereof.


  • lilbluekitty

    00DAD, I just noticed that, LOL, good one =)

  • Cellist

    00DAD, lol It could be said that no matter what type of foot wear JW's have on, they could be called flip-flops.


  • watersprout

    When I was a child, around 6/7, my sister was 4/5, mom took us out on the ministry in snowsuits... It was bitterly cold and my mom didn't want us getting ill. Anyway an elder went up to mom and told her that what my sister and I were wearing was unsuitable and not for the ministry! My mom told him what for and took us home! Lol!

    A CO got on the platform and lectured all the sisters about wearing flip flops. He said he didn't want to hear the ''flip flapping'' as it irritated him!

    Another CO hated any form of product in the brothers hair so all the younguns went to the meeting with this CO with dorky flat hair! They looked a right state. Except of course my hubby, he went with his hair literally standing on end and it was rock hard with all the products he had used! His dad and superfine apostle brother told him off before the meeting and Carrot laughed in their faces and said ''No man tells me what to do''.... Being as he let 12 crusty pedo's tell him till he was 26 was a different matter lol!

    Lets face some other facts: Unless you have really nice, perky boobs and shoulders or GREAT support wear, you shouldn't wear any kind of a tube top...sagging boobs are far from attractive.

    If that woman is happy and comfortable with the way she looks, I appauld her. It's not your place on pointing out what people should/shouldn't do.

    Flip-flops are beach wear and sometimes even called shower shoes (they help to prevent athletes foot fungus transmission), they do not belong in most public places.

    Not necessarily... I have really pretty flip flops with jewels and all sorts on them. I wouldn't wear them in public showers.

    Sneakers are athletic shoes, they too have a place,

    Trainers are comfortable... Does it matter whether you wera them for running or going to get your shopping? I think not

    and it isn't in a dress up enviroment, just like high heeled pumps don't belong on the tennis court.

    Says who? You? If a woman want's to look sexy with a tennis skirt on and heels to elongate her legs as she trots about that tennis court, good for her!


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