Saturday mornings

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Saturday morning I went and watched my 5 year old grandson play football for the first time. It made me think about how when his dad was 5, his dad's Saturday mornings back then were spend out in WTS service selling the Watchtower & Awake magazines. What it the hell were we thinking being a part of this crazy cult? Been out 16 years now and life is so much better. For those on the fence....please get out now and enjoy your lives without service to the WTS.

    Think About It

  • wobble

    I love Saturday mornings, we usually have something scheduled for the afternoon so that we make sure we get out and enjoy ourselves, but Sat. Morn is just so free ! we do what we bloody well like and like what we bloody well do, we laze it away quite often, long chats and endless cups of coffee.

    As we were both born in, we both have memories of going D to D on Saturday mornings, sometimes afternoons too, or, when we were older, being made to feel guilty for not going.

    The cult members still trudge round at that time, some passed by a couple of weeks ago, they looked so miserable, especially the poor children, what a silly cult !

  • sparki

    yeah getting old everyday having old raggity wrinkled face, getting fat beer gut slowly dieing of cancer and drinking coffee saturday morning talk about economy all day is 'real life'.... good one

  • wobble

    Welcome Sparki, you the guy with the magic Piano ?

    Tell us your story.

  • snakeface

    Saturday mornings...sometimes I might be taking my dog to the vet (instead of having to take time off work during the week). Or I might be washing the car. Sometimes I get up at 6, let the dogs out and back in, have a big breakfast (pancakes/omelet/waffles/juice/coffee/fruit), then go back to bed from 8-11 or so with the dogs snuggled up with me - especially on rainy days. Sometimes I get up early, drive to the airport, get the plane out, takeoff as the sun is rising, land at some airport 100 miles away, have the breakfast buffet in the airport restaurant, then fly back home and be back in my house by 11. Sometimes I just don't wake up till 11, if I was out late the night before and got home at 4AM.

    I work so hard all week. Saturday is my day off. It is so sad the JW children are robbed of having a whole day just to play and enjoy their childhood.

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