maybe they will build compounds in the desert...or join the muslims

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Do any of you remember as i do, in the 80s some in our congo's would muse about whether the society would build huge compounds up north to house us all as persecution and armageddon escalated.

    Led me to wondering in the light of all the recent slapping they are getting whether it could actually happen.

    I mean, Could they possibly talk the flock into believing that Babylon the great has fallen and been destroyed invisibly and the current 'persecution' is the poking god in the eye. Move upstate to patterson, cash in Brooklyn. Build these centres out in the middle of nowhere to contain and isolate the cash cows. Tell them the preaching work has been done to jehovah's satisfaction and close ranks. Stay out of the public eye and wait for the never to come big A. They ought to get a few good years on that one.

    I just can't see them relaxing as they are way to entrenched in the use of propaganda to fool governments. Cant see them making blood ok, stopping shunning nor the hatred of apostates. I see them doing the oposite in fact, getting even more controling and dogmatic.

    The problem is, there are to many variables!

    Like take for example the situation with the Muslims and the OSCE at the moment, coupled with the rather glaringly obvious lack of anti Islamic sentiments published in recent years. What if they actually did form an alliance? They are are both fond of control. Both love the old testament and koran, especially the bits about slaughtering apostates. The only difference at the moment is that the muslims do it and the JWs wish they could.

    There is little doubt that from a population point of view, that people with islamic beliefs are going to outnumber western peoples who are in population decline. Thats pure mathematics. Perhaps the WT is also aware of this and realizes that if it can't beat them, they better join them. Rutherford tried to get an alliance with germany, so i wouldn't put it past the current WT leadership either.

    Either scenario is fraught with membership loss for them, but they would like most religions, still manage to hold on to enough to keep afloat. It is money that rules. What ever they do, will be guided by the need to protect the corporation. Thats what corporations are about.

    anyway, thats enough of my ramblin thoughts for now!


  • finallysomepride

    Have you got some of that SA desert land for sale Aussie

  • jamiebowers

    It wouldn't be to the Watchtower's benefit to gather the faithful in one place, because there is no one geographical area that could sustain the need for jobs that bring donations into the orgaization.

    Edited to add: The Watchtower and Islam combining forces would be like putting two divas in a single dressing room, LOL!


    From Barb Andersons Thread..

    Starting this week on Monday, the WTBTS and Jehovah's Witnesses again mingle with the political and religious community as part of the official "Side Events" of the "Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM)" held in Warsaw, Poland between 26 September – 7 October 2011.

    This year, the WTBTS and the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses join forces with the Office of Muslim Denomination (Bulgarian office) and Human Rights Without Frontiers as partners and conveners to co-present the following program and joint-presentation:

    "Acts of violence by far–right political parties against Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses"

    This event is held and sponsored through the OSCE.



  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Crap land up north... cheap but...

    yeah, i agree the problem with a compound is the availability of paid work.

    As for the muslim idea, thats the link i was thinking of too outlaw...sure is an interesting one to boot.



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