They still confuse me...the JWs that is. money money money

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    My son popped in yesterday, which was fantastic!

    He had the day off because it was way to windy to construct sheds. But get this...

    He is off to Sydney in a couple of weeks with the rest of the work gang, as far as i can tell all either JWs and hangers on. The boss, a JW has won a massive contract in Sydney and they all have to go for an induction. Then later in the year they go up 3 weeks on, one off, working for seven days a week 12 hour days. Thats 3 weeks with no meetings and door to door. The pay is huge.

    What sort of JWs are they breeding in my neck of the woods? Proper JWs should not be doing that, asking their JW workers to do that nor chasing contracts that may harm 'spirituality'.

    Personaly, i'm all for it. Anything that gets my lad away from time with the crazies.


  • jamiebowers

    Hopefully you son will not only get away from the cult indoctrination but also get out in the real world and learn that his jw't have the only one, LOL!

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