This is very difficult for me ...

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends:

    Something has only now come into my possession: all my mother's daily journals. I am feeling incredibly overcome with emotion as I realize her many dreams went unfulfilled, particularly in the fields of writing and art. Her detailed writing includes the preparation of daily meals, conversations with neighbors, weather reports, trips to the store (choice cuts of meat at 79 cents a pound) and anger and frustration with the inevitable elements of daily life. Additionally, there are letters she had written to friends and family that are likewise in my possession.

    It's going to take months to get through all of this ...

    I horribly misjudged my mother ... her friends and family were her life.



  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    ((Co Co))

  • watersprout

    Coco (((hugs)))

    Enjoy reading your mothers journals, sometimes we never truly ''know'' a person until we read their innermost thoughts.


  • tec


    We can only go by what we see, and we are all limited in that. Instead of regret for that, I hope you enjoy the chance to get to know this unknown side of your mother. May that knowing grant you peace.



  • Joliette

    I hope everything works out COCO.

  • LongHairGal


    I had a similar experience going through my mother's things after she died. There were serious issues in the house and we were not close. I found letters to me she either wrote or didn't complete and never mailed. I felt so sad seeing her failed attempt at communication and the regret for the "normal" relationship we never had.

  • PSacramento

    That you have them NOW is something special.

    We don't always get a second chance to know the people we love, we are getting that chance.

    Treasure it.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, dear friends.

    I will think of your kind words as I head out now to scrub toilets and clean floors such as Mom did many years ago for 50 cents an hour ...



  • NewChapter


    This is very difficult--to be sure. But it is also a grand gift---something most of us never get. Take time to process and reflect, and be grateful. I know you will.


  • AnneB

    Fifty cents an hour is just about what remains now after deductions for fuel, auto upkeep, taxes, supplies, etc.

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