Okay, I Know It's Here Somewhere and I've Just Probably Missed It...

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  • AGuest

    and I did see ones posted earlier in the week (wishing an early - well, premature, actually - greeting, but who's being pendatic?)... but:

    Where the heck is the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEC"... on her real birthday day... thread?

    Surely there is one on this, the 29th (I think... it IS the 29th, isn't it? Or have my meds caused me to lose [another] day??)

    Someone point me to it, please?

    Oh, nevermind... I'll just PM her, myself...


    SA, on her own... feeling... oh, I dunno... "celebratory" today...

  • AnneB
  • tec

    Or tachions... my thread AND my birthday have been moved into the future! (move enough birthdays into the future, and think of how we would NEVER age at all)


    Got the PM, Shelby.

  • AGuest

    Okayyyy, just askin' (peace to you both, and happy day, again, dear tec!)... 'cause I have been known to miss a thread or two... or three... and/or had it brought to my attention - LOLOLOL!

    Thank you and peace to you, both!

    SA, on her own...

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