Shoot from the hip witnessing and the calm before the storm?

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  • donny

    One of my co-workers here (a non-baptized, non-attending meeting son of a JW) told me yesterday that his JW cousin told him that the end is right at the doorstep because of the calm and complacency seen not only in the "world" but also in the congregation. He told him that this "lack of zeal" was not due to a lack of love for Jehovah, but was Gods way of fulfilling prophecy.

    The JW cousin then went on to cite the example of the folks of Noah's time when everyone was partying and having a good time and suddenly the flood came and that was all she wrote. He also then cited the example of the call for "Peace and Security" and then sudden destruction came upon them.

    My co-worker said he does not buy it, but did seem a bit concerned. When I bounced this off a practicing JW here, he commented that he had not heard that particular story. A second JW here also had not heard of this approach. Are JW's now just making stuff up on an individual basis to convince themseleves that they are in the "truth"? Is "shoot from the hip" witnessing now in vogue?

  • angel.face

    Hmmm....been to every meeting for the past 7 years and never heard of it. Sounds like a self-righteous 'prophet' is making things up to convince others that the end is near.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    JWs are HUGE in spreading urban legends. If one elder mentioned such a thing at a gathering one time, it could have found its way into the grapevine and spread - much like the demonized Smurf stories or any other JW urban legend. These things are believed because they are credited to higher-ups in the Borg who supposedly know people with a direct line to God. So even if it wasn't ever in a magazine or a talk, an idea could spread and be accepted by large numbers of JWs.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    witfnesses have hedged their bets against the end any scerio can lead to armegedon. nations at war armegedon earthquake armegedon peace and security armegan gnat farts armegedon.

    thing is you cannot keep a group people of in expectation of the great and fear inspiring day of jehovah...for over a century?!?

    it will wear them out. hell even moses father in law said as much.

  • serenitynow!

    Witnesses often come up with their own armageddon/great trib predictions. I remember my cousin saying when I was complaining about 4 more years of W, that Jehovah may have allowed his reelection to usher in the GT. Prediction fail.

  • donny

    What's more puzzling is that this guy is supposedly an elder.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I agree with Mad Sweeney, in fact I had this rumour some years back her in Los Angeles. I think ALOT of JW's make things up to make it through the day. There was an elder in our congregation that was preaching 2005 as the end of the system of things. HIs data? well Jesus was considered a man at 30, so Adam must have been as well. So Jehovah didn't create a woman for him until he was a man so 1975 + 30 years equals 2005.

    Remember the loose cannon that started giving talks a DA's that the great trib had already started? Alot of them make it up as they go and JW's love spreading urban legends. Can't wait for the next one

  • DesirousOfChange

    his JW cousin told him that the end is right at the doorstep because of the calm and complacency seen not only in the "world" but also in the congregation.

    He himself is a testimony to the fact that it is NOT near.

    (Matthew 24:44) . . .On this account YOU too prove yourselves ready, because at an hour that YOU do not think to be it, the Son of man is coming.

    He said it: It's right at the doorstep. That means IT IS NOT! Jesus said so. I believe Jesus no your JW cousin.


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