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  • JWdaughter

    I live in Qatar, which is about 150 miles from Iran. Iran is up to some things which the west is largely poo-poo-ing. People HERE are not-and I'm not talking al-Jazeera only, but a lot of the local Arabic stations are really paying attention. Not sure if they are over-reacting, but I think they have a more vested interest than the US-this region has experienced more than its usual unfair share of turmoil as of late, Saleh is back in Yemen, Ghadaffi is missing and Iran is playing its tricks, all while Palestine is petitioning for statehood. I think this is a mess you all need to make note of=not in an apocalyptic way, but in a "world events are bigger than the latest UAW strike" kind of way.

  • alanv

    Most years in different places on earth there are some sort of major changes happening. We have seen that in the North African countries in the last year. Many times things change for the better, other times they change for the worst. Either way we have to deal with it. Iran is a big worry to many people, but again we have to deal with it in the most appropriate way. Some times a situation can be sorted before it is a problem, and other times we have to deal with the consequencies.

  • designs

    jwd- Keep us informed, thanks.

  • JWdaughter

    I have lived here two years now and never saw as much talk about anything but the Egyptian revolution since I got here-and there have been plenty of things to go on at length about, as you all well know. There was nothing but talk of this on the news channels last night and my Egyptian husband is more gripped with this than he was with the revolution and he was quite gripped with that. There have been a lot of things treated with great seriousness here, but that one has been ALL over our news and is not even mentioned hardly in the US from what I saw. I was watching it all in arabic and tried to find something online about it and the biggest thing in the American news was some strike. Those guys like to cause trouble and are dead set on it right now-and there is plenty to cause. I am thinking this matters from both my immediate personal standpoint (in Iran's fallout area) and my hearts(my family is where Iran wants to cause trouble).

    Just saying, in two years, I haven't worried much about what they are doing and they have caused ruckuses. I am concerned now. I do hope I am wrong and it all blows over as their nonsense sort of seems to-but the thingis, it doesn't really, we just stop talking about it.

  • ekruks

    The US will probably quietly support an Iranian uprising.

  • JeffT

    JWDaughter you have a PM

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