The Watchtower Society Crossed a Line by Praising a "Slaughter of Apostates"

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  • DT

    I just had to say it. I don't mean to detract from other threads on the topic.

  • designs

    Was that in their magazines recently. I know they wrote about 'us' meeting our end at Armageddon but has a newer twist been added.

  • DT

    I'm sorry. I should have posted a link to the thread that broke the story.

  • bafh

    Wouldn't they be surprised if all the references to the apostates, mentally diseased, or unbelievers refered to them? I have actually thought that is possible that the WT is part of the "weeds" in the "wheat and the weeds" parable. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  • designs

    Thanks. The mean looks will get meaner. Its ok, with every step they take radical the rank and file the more of the Witnesses will leave.

    Can you imagine the brain-storming that must go on in the Writing Department- How to create hate for 'us' the apostates and stay within the guidelines of the Human Rights courts. Impossible.

  • NewChapter

    Well, Cedars has started the momentum---Maybe now they will be interested in HATE THE APOSTATES PART II

  • Violia

    I find it frightening and personally threatening. Really, that is exactly how those words from those articles feel. No wonder I can't stand to go into a kH. I have ptsd from all this. What a terrible thing to say or imply to others.

  • JWdaughter

    Violia, I'm sorry you feel personally threatened by all of this, but really, it came off as rather threatening to me, too, more so than in the past. I live on the Arabian Peninsula where they are unashamed to not accept other religions graciously (although Christians who don't evangelize are not abused). I don't know of a single JW in the place, nor in Egypt, my new homeland, though I am sure there are a few undercover ones. I am not feeling threatened by them, and I think my mom, nuts as she is, is not a threat if I visit her. Still, I am not eager to hang around areas where my former JW affiliation and current aversion are well known! Besides, if and when there is an Armageddon, I think I am best off being right here in the very middle of the action:) Any input I get will be from the Creator, not any wanna be crony suck ups who think they need to do personal vengence on behalf of the WTBTS. I am fine with any Godly intervention in my life. Not so much with His 'friends' who are trying to score points.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Don't know if I'm jumping the gun here, but I've emailed the News editor of the Independent with a link to this watchtower article, highlighting the Rick Fenton statement and how the article contradicts it. I've suggested a follow-up or at least a mention of this article.. We'll see what happens, I don't know if I'm emailing the wrong person, but it's all I can do, I don't know any journalists.. Here's the address if anyone else thinks it's a good idea.. [email protected]

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