The Watchtower Has A Legal Achilles Heel

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  • metatron

    If the reports about eliminating City Overseers are true, then I consider it more evidence that the Watchtower's Legal Dept. is concerned about what may be their most dangerous weakness, namely Circuit Overseers.

    They have a solid "chain of command" structure, no different from the Catholic Church. They have church authorities with defined rank leading directly to the Governing Body. The Watchtower has "deep pockets" AND THEY ARE FURTHER ENDANGERED BY LEGAL AUTHORITIES WHO REJECT THEIR LYING CLAIM THAT THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE JUST VOLUNTEERS! Nonsense like renaming Presiding Overseers as "COBE" is just more evidence that Watchtower lawyers are trying to obscure the upward chain of rank that could devastate them.

    Meditate on the above and add the fact that, we, the HATED AND VILIFIED "APOSTATES", are on constant vigilance to find an opening, an opportunity to destroy them. It's just a matter of time before that appears.

    Circuit Overseers must be laid off/fired. They are the "weakest link" that directly ties each congregation to Headquarters, together with every letter, appointment and directive that comes DOWN from the Governing Frauds. Let them agonize over this fact.

    Of course, there is no reason to shed a single tear for these tyrants. They create enemies and then exacerbate the situation by preaching hate of the same. Hey Bethel Monitors! Don't ever wonder why you have trouble with opposers who used to be Witnesses. You are responsible for maintaining the circle of shunning and animosity, in your laughable claim to be followers of Jesus Christ (you know, that redundant character in the Bible, who advised "love your enemies" rather than get as close as you can to inciting violence against them?)

    Good Luck with your future, Watchtower. You've clearly got some decisions to make.


  • ProdigalSon

    The end of the Watchtower, Federal Reserve, and the Vatican should all be arriving right around the same time, in a neat little package. The Fall of Babylon. Those receding waters ($$??) pave the way for the Kings From the Rising of the Sun .....China, Russia, India,Brazil, and everyone else either on board or getting on board with putting an end to the darkness and tyranny. It's becoming glaringly evident how close this cult comes to the top of the Satanic pyramid on this earth.... good lord it is insidious.

  • clarity


  • Farkel


    I've watched your posts for at least 12 years now, maybe more. I've never seen you more passionate than lately.

    I've made overtures over the last decade to speak with you, but to no avail. Care to make contact now? I'm one of the oldest and most respected members on this board as I'm sure you know.

    The ball is in your court. You can PM me or not. I'm most curious about the reasons for your rage against the WTS lately.

    I spoke to God today. Why can't I speak with you?


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    If you check Farkel's phone records you'll see that he was actually speaking to ME today when he thought he was talking to Ghod.

    But don't let that deter you; Farkel is a good fellow and I'm sure you would enjoy any conversation you have with him.

    For what it is worth, I vouch for him completely. As you know, I gaze down upon earth from the UADNA orbiting space platform, and therefore could not possibly be a crackpot.

    "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"

  • metatron

    OK, sent you an email! We do get cranky, Farkel (me included). I sense that a tipping point could be forming and would like to see the Watchtower suffer a stunning defeat in my old age. You will never finish them off - like American Nazis or the Socialist Workers Party but it would be sufficient to see them relegated to that sort of irrelevant, laughable status.

    When you keep chipping away at a foundation, you may get tired and think the building will never fall. Then, all of a sudden....


  • sir82

    It's been an interesting few weeks.

    -- An Australian guy charges the WTS with a crime and is apparently having some initial success with it

    -- Mainstream English newspapers pick up & run a story on how a recent Watchtower article calls ex-members "mentally diseased"

    -- A recent letter from the WTS to some Australian congregations emphasizes that JW elders are not volunteers for the WTS

    -- And now suddenly there is a 3 sentence letter to all congregations from the WTS saying effective immediately, no more city overseers anywhere, with no explanation given.

    Something has these guys scared, and they are reacting quickly.

  • Farkel


    : If you check Farkel's phone records you'll see that he was actually speaking to ME today when he thought he was talking to Ghod.

    You promised me you wouldn't tell anyone about that, you twit.


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