The Watchtower Has A Legal Achilles Heel

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  • metatron

    If the reports about eliminating City Overseers are true, then I consider it more evidence that the Watchtower's Legal Dept. is concerned about what may be their most dangerous weakness, namely Circuit Overseers.

    They have a solid "chain of command" structure, no different from the Catholic Church. They have church authorities with defined rank leading directly to the Governing Body. The Watchtower has "deep pockets" AND THEY ARE FURTHER ENDANGERED BY LEGAL AUTHORITIES WHO REJECT THEIR LYING CLAIM THAT THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE JUST VOLUNTEERS! Nonsense like renaming Presiding Overseers as "COBE" is just more evidence that Watchtower lawyers are trying to obscure the upward chain of rank that could devastate them.

    Meditate on the above and add the fact that, we, the HATED AND VILIFIED "APOSTATES", are on constant vigilance to find an opening, an opportunity to destroy them, having been

  • metatron

    Sorry, I don't know how this posted twice.

  • sabastious

    I agree, the fact that the Watchtower is taking measures to make their hierarchical power structure more transparent to the public looks astonishly guilty to me.


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