If you were given $1M....

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  • mankkeli

    ...and the only stipulation for spending it was that you had to use it in some way against the WTS, how would you use the money? A TV campaign? Radio? Web advertising? Fighting them in court over blood or whatever? Hitman?

    If I were given the opportunity, I would put the BoE letters back up on the web and wait for WTS legal to send me another C&D letter over copyright infringement. I would go to court over this. I can't speak for Quotes, but I imagine he would do the same.

    What would you do with the money?

  • i_drank_the_wine

    What are the BoE letters? Clue me in homie.

    I'd probably buy billboards on the property next to kingdom halls with simple messages "google 'Jehovah's Witness United Nations NGO'", "10 out of 10 historians agree 587 is the real 607", "strengthen your faith: read the entire Jehovah's Witness wikipedia section", etc.

    Suing them won't do much. I recently found a NY newspaper source citing the WTBTS of NYC as earning $951,000,000 per anum. Combine that with all their holdings/savings/estates donated to them, billions in real estate, and the money they have going to their other dozen corporations and it seems like a drop in the bucket to get a few mill out of them.

  • cedars

    Hm, maybe I'd run an annual JW survey?!

    Just joking!

  • Greybeard

    I would try to get with jwfacts.com and help him translate his web site into as many languages as possible. Promote it through google adds, yahoo and any other way on the internet including a large e-mail campaign. Also I would make more youtube videos like the ones made by jwstruggle.com. Two of them can be seen here: http://www.jwstruggle.com/downloads/ I also would make a top notch documentary for Netflix and the like. Why do you think I play the lottery? I dream about doing this. Why do you ask? Do you have $1M to donate? We can get this ball rolling if you do ;)

    Just a side point, The Watchtower does have billions of dollars on hand. They could launch their own satellite channel on Dish or Direct TV if they wanted too. They could have a internet TV channel cheep! They probably have enough money to put their own satellite into orbit for God sakes! Their own web site lacks in HUGE ways! Why don't they do these kinds of things if the message is so important? It is because they want the rank and file occupied with knocking on "not at homes" wasting their time. That keeps them obedient and gives them warm fussy feelings even though nobody is listening and everyone views them as False Prophets! If they really believed in their prophecies they would NOT have changed the generation understanding. They would be like Russell who waited until the last moment in 1914 because he really did believe! These GB leaders don't believe! THAT is why they made a WAY OUT! The generation of 1914 has almost past away for sure but they have not all died yet! They could have stuck with their guns but if they did that, everyone would leave soon after 2014. That is what they have tried to avoid. soon all will see then for what they are, False Prophets!

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