Article in The New York Observer on WT Exoduc

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  • cofty

    Sorry that should be "exodus " and dont touch the return key until your finished typing!!!

    All Along The Watchtower by Thornton McEnery.

    What if 3,000 people left a neighborhood of 22,000 all at once and nobody noticed?

    Ask any longtime resident of Brooklyn Heights how often they laid eyes on a Jehovah’s Witness, they would most certainly answer, “Every day.”

    However if you were to ask that very same person if, by dint of the cliché, how often Jehovah’s Witnesses had appeared at their door to offer them a copy of the Watchtower newsletter and recruit them into the religion, that person would likely smile benignly and say “Oh, never. Of course not.” more....

    Its an interesting read about Brooklyn's abivalence at the departure of the Watchtower, worth a read...

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    "It is extremely rare to see Jehovah’s Witnesses going door-to-door proselytizing their faith in Brooklyn Heights, an activity for which they have become a clichéd annoyance the world over. And while an unofficial agreement with locals is the cause for this particular phenomenon that keeps a mutually appreciated distance between the two, that distance also comes at a cost to the neighborhood as JWs almost never interact with local businesses and purposefully do not foster a socio-economic bond with the community."

    LOL, i should have known, i mean what hypocrites. They will get on stage and kill you for not wanting to roll up to your own street for field service or not wanting to go to cemetaries.

  • leavingwt

    Thank you for posting this story.

    “You wouldn’t know someone is a Jehovah’s Witness just to look at them,” admits Jane McGroarty, president of The Brooklyn Heights Association. “Well, a native to The Heights might be able to if they see their belts are a little high,” she adds with a chuckle, referring to nerd-chic style favored by most Watchtower adherents.

    . . .

    “They just don’t spend money here,” says Chris Calfa, the co-owner of Lassen & Hennig’s Delicatessen, a neighborhood landmark that has been doing business at the same Montague Street location since 1939. “I don’t see how [The Watchtower] leaving could be bad for us. Bringing in new people who will spend money, that’s a good deal for us.”

    “In the long run, it will be good for the neighborhood,” says a local real estate broker who has worked with Brooklyn Heights residential properties for over 20 years. “They don’t pay city taxes and their people don’t spend money in the community, so this change will definitely bring good things in that regard.”

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