What about other religions?

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  • nateb

    Doesn't 2 Thess. 1:5-9 say that Jesus is coming with his angels to destroy everybody that's not a Christian?

    It's great to love everyone no matter what their religion is but don't call that Christianity. It looks a lot more like secular humanism.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm a proud Pagan!

  • Fernando

    Religion builds divisive walls between people, and between them and the "unabridged gospel".

    • Ask a Watchtower follower ("Christian" religionist) to explain what the "gospel" is in one word and one sentence!
    • Ask an Islamist (Muslim religionist) to explain what the "injeel" is in one word and one sentence!
    • Ask a Judaiser (Jewish religionist) to explain what the "bissar" is in one word and one sentence!

    All these people, comprising around half of earth's population, claim Abraham as earthly spiritual father yet have no idea what the gospel/bissar/injeel is that God declared to him (Gal 3:7-9,26-29) or what the ONE faith is that it leads to.

    Actually there is no such thing as the "Abrahamic religions" since Abraham like Jesus was never a religionist. Neither is there any such thing as faithS - since there is only ONE faith (that of Abraham).

    If we all embraced nothing but the "unabridged gospel" we would soon discover we are all following the same spiritual guru Jesus (or Yeshua to Jews, and Hazrat Isa pbuh to Muslims). We would then see and treat each other as brothers and sisters regardless of our particular dysfunction or degree of dysfunction.

    Religion is antithetical to the unabridged gospel/bissar/injeel, and hence to faith and spirituality (as we know from experience).

    Interesting Google searches

    - tawrat zabur injeel

    - tawrat zabur injil

    - "Muslims are not Islamists" (use quotation marks to search for phrase - 8,590 hits)

    (the Qu'ran refers to and affirms the injeel/injil 14 or more times, yet Muslims are prevented by their religious leaders from pursuing or understanding - much like with the Watchtower)

  • Fernando


    Judge Rutherford, spiritistic rascal that he was, actually did teach extensively that "all religion" "is a snare and a racket".

    This is easily verified by searching the publications 1937_enemies.pdf and 1940_religion.pdf for the phrase "all religion".

    The phrases "false religion" and "true religion" were unknown to him. I have not found them in these (admittedly not perfectly scanned) publications.

    The Watchtower claims otherwise, but is once again lying.

    *** w73 12/15 p. 761 Trusting Jehovah with All My Heart ***
    As I listened to J. F. Rutherford’s exposé of the clergy, I knew that I was committed to a fight for the truth and against false religion.

    *** jv chap. 7 p. 84 Advertise the King and the Kingdom! (1919-1941) ***
    On Saturday, September 18, following his morning discourse, Brother Rutherford released the tan-colored book Enemies. It denounced false religion as “a great enemy, always working injury to mankind.” False religionists were identified as “agents of the Devil, whether they are aware of that fact or not.”

    *** w51 8/15 p. 511 Questions From Readers ***
    Why has the Watchtower Society suddenly approved the use of the word “religion” relative to the worship of Jehovah’s witnesses?—P. L., New York.

    *** yb75 p. 161 Part 2—United States of America ***
    Ursula Serenco observes: “This was the time when we did not designate ‘true religion’ and ‘false religion’; all religion in totality was bad. The true we referred to as ‘worship,’ while the false was ‘religion.’”

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