Shouldn't we create a mock JC to DF Max Larson, other WT icons after they die?

by willyloman 0 Replies latest jw friends

  • willyloman

    It might be interesting to solicit evidence and hold a mock Judicial Committee each time one of these WT icons dies.

    There must be enough eye witness material to DF each and everyone posthumously for something -- apostasy, lack of humility, anger, and all the other forms of unChristian behavior listed in the elder's manual, to say nothing of their role in the death of countless dubs who needlessly refused a blood transfusion or went to prison over some false WT doctrine.

    In fact, it might be easier to package their cumulative offenses into that handy WT catchphrase, "loose conduct," would would cover a multitude of sins. There appears to be no shortage of "scriptural grounds" for judicial action. They'd be notified of the JC's decision by a letter to the WTBTS.

    It'd be the world's first online judicial committee.

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