JW's? or GW's?

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  • i_drank_the_wine

    It seems quite obvious now that the Governing body is really in the "god" position of the entire organization. JW's claim to go only by the bible, however you cannot become a JW without using WT literature. The Governing body claims to be almighty G*d's sole mouthpiece (yet they deny being inspired like the prophets of the B*ble somehow). They tell the members what God is saying to do and think and everyone listens. No one makes any personal decisions on rules, standards, etc. There is no interaction between members and god or jesus, only the wall between, the self-dubbed "faithful and discrete slave". God magically implants thoughts and actions only into the minds of the governing body, and no one else - not even the rest of the anointed who also supposedly had god put something special in them. They are the closest thing to divine that a JW can meet or talk to.

    Like many of us, I feel really silly in hindsight for not seeing lots of these things for what they were sooner. Really it seems more to me the Governing body's Witnesses than Jehovah's Witnesses, GW's not JW's, even though the former doesn't quite roll off the tongue like the latter.

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