Is higher education about worldly riches?

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  • under_believer

    Haven't posted on here in years, but this topic really gets my goat and I just had the "priviledge" of going to a Special Assembly Day where the Bethel speaker, John Williams, strongly held forth against higher education. In particular, he stressed how higher education is all about greed and getting rich, and how knowledge puffs up, and that people who go to college are arrogant and selfish.

    This is kind of a bad thing because this guy is a really strong, accomplished speaker. Several times I found myself captivated by his delivery in spite of myself.

    In response to the idea that somehow education is about getting rich, I would like everyone to take a look at these numbers from the US Department of Labor:

    I believe those numbers refute the Society's stand on education more strongly than any other words I could say. They can't be unaware of these numbers, either. A more ignorant flock is easier to control.

    Edited to soften language. I was angry.

  • TimothyT

    Hello... i know exactly what you mean.

    The JWs can sometimes have very closed mind's on such matters. They seem to like to put people in absolute boxes. If youre not one thing, then you MUST be the other. (Not that im saying they are all like that.)

    You have mentioned a classic example. "Going to university means you seek riches!" No, i dont care about money, i just want a good job when i grow up.

    Here's another from Sunday's Watchtower: "Suppose, for example, that the only son of an exemplary Christian couple leaves the truth. Preferring “the temporary enjoyment of sin” to a personal relationship with Jehovah". Now, im disfellowshipped but because i am, it doesnt mean that i am enjoying sin or that i have replaced Jehovah. Far from it actualy.

    Another: All gay JW's who leave will get AIDS and die. Iv heard that one several times.

    When i was a JW i heard lots of sweeping statements regarding such things. I think they are said just to keep everyone in check and towing the line.

    Timmy xxx

  • sir82

    Of course not, and the Society knows it.

    How many elementary school teachers, social workers, research scientists, nurses, etc. etc. etc. are in it for the money?

  • mindseye

    It's absurd to say that people who go to college are arrogant and selfish. Several of my professors in college - some of the most intelligent people that I know - are among the most humble people you could meet. A sign of real intelligence is when one realizes how little they really know - as you learn you realize how limitless everything is - and it fills a person with humility. But instead of using real life examples, the WT publications have cartoon stereotypes of college professors as pipe smoking pretentious eggheads (see the evolution book for an example).

    The argument that it's all about 'worldly riches' is also absurd. There are plenty of individuals who go into fields that are less lucrative simply because they have a passion for something. The Watchtower worldview is so small. It's a tragedy that many limit their experience due to this parochial thinking.

  • 00DAD

    No, it is not about riches. The GB knows that people that get an education are more likely to realize they've been conned by them.

    Everything else is just rhetoric designed to misdirect from the real issues.

    Check out the thread at: Download While You Can

    It contains 605 pages of accounting procedures, legalese and architectural designs from the WTBTS. There is a huge disparity gap between what the Society does (because it of course needs to) and what it instructs its members/followers to do or not do. They officially and publicly instruct their followers NOT to pursue Higher Education and yet they rely on the expertise of people that have advanced degrees in accounting, law and architectural engineering. Why is that?

    Well, I'm not a mind reader so I can only speculate on their motives, but this disparity certain raises some interesting questions about their motives. Why wouldn't the society to pursue skills that they so obviously need? My conclusion: Fear and Control.

  • under_believer

    Just to make sure the implications of the linked chart are clear here:

    In 2010 in the US, on average, you had to have a bachelor's degree (a four-year degree) to make over the median wage, which is $782/week. Try raising a family on $782/week. People with only a high school diploma made $626/week--people with a bachelor's degree made $1038/week.

    In 2010 in the US, people with a only high-school diploma had, on average, an unemployment rate of 10.3%. People with a bachelor's degree had almost half that rate at 5.4%.

    In short, "higher" education is a misnomer--it's really just education. It shouldn't be condemned, it's not about "making yourself feel smart" or "getting rich." It's more about "being employable" and "making a living wage."

    How many Witnesses are unemployed? How many are on the public dole?

  • alias

    It's more about "being employable" and "making a living wage."


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