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  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    I am about to send an email to Bbc World Service to attempt to get more coverage of the discrimination employed by the Watchtower, as seen in the 'mentally diseased article'. Following is a draft of the email I was thinking of using. Any suggestions welcome. To see what is needed, or if you want to take part and contact them as well, here's the link:

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    I would like to suggest a debate on religious discrimination against former members, such as the example given in a recent article in the July 15th Watchtower magazine, published by the Watchtower Society. The question the debate could begin with (I'm open to suggestions if it needs to be reworded) --' Should a religion be allowed to discriminate against former members by forcing its members to shun anyone who now disagrees with their doctrine, or else be ostracized themselves?' Here is an example of public interest in how former Jehovahs Witnesses who no longer believe every doctrine that their leaders dictate are to be treated. The subject of religious discrimination against former members, and of a persons right to change their beliefs without fear of losing their family and friends should be of interest to people who believe in religious freedom worldwide. In England and America at the very least, this article in the Independent is gaining interest on this topic. And seeing as the Watchtower magazine is read by millions of people the world over, both online and in print, this article (which says that members who stop believing what they teach are 'mentally diseased') would be an excellent current example to start off the debate. A Jehovahs Witness, possibly a representative of the Watchtower Society, and at least one former JW who has been shunned for changing beliefs might make for a balanced view of Jehovahs Witness policy, along with possibly members of other religious denominations who are for/against shunning. Even if you don't decide to use this idea, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could forward it/suggest who to forward it to that may be interested. And I ask that my e-mail/ ip address remain confidential, as I am a Jehovahs Witness myself and I fear reprisals would follow if I did not remain anonymous. Thank you for reading this.

  • wobble

    Go for it, you quiet ones are now speaking up ! Great !

    I would love to hear this debated on "World have your say"

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Thanks wobble! Any suggestions for improvement/changing the question?

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Okay, I've sent it. I'll let you all know when they reply.

  • talesin

    You did it! :)

    Just got home, and thought I'd check into the newspaper comments, but saw this first.

    Excellent letter. This is not a show I know of, and I am guessing it is British?

    Good on ya!


  • Shador

    Excellent idea. I hope they pick up on this. I noticed that it was on the Independent and the Telegraph, which I guess are local UK papers. But if this hits the BBC, it will have a good chance of going worldwide. At the least, it will give the WTB$ a nice big black eye.

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