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  • Theredeemer

    Why did i agree to that?- Is what i keep asking myself!

    The last of my Jdub friends asked me to go to the meeting on sunday because they built a new hall or some sh&% like that. I dont really care about all my old friends who have distanced themselves from me but them i do care about. I agreed but now im totally regreting it!! I want to flake but they said theyd take me out to eat after..haha!

    3 questions

    1. Free meal=torture?

    2. what is the WT study about, because if its anything like last weeks I might storm out thus truly exposing my disgust of the borg?

    3. Should I just flake and, if i do, do I explain once and for all the ture reasons for why im not going, thus solidifying my mental disease, or just get a surprise cold?

  • leavingwt

    For me, a big step in my recovery was FORGIVING myself.

    We don't have an excuse. What's done is done.

    Let's not allow ourselves to be fooled again.

    It's OK if we don't have the answers to every question.

    We can love our friends and family.

  • Bella15

    I am sorry but after 40 years in this org ... they ONLY reason they are inviting you is to try to bring you back into the organization. They are not really being a "friend" in the true sense of the word ... they are friends with alterior motives ... I may be wrong but in fact they are devout JWs ... they will actually "count" the time they spend with you ...

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