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  • lostandconfused

    I'm taking an Intro to World Religions college class and today was the first day! (It's a 5 week advanced class) I'm very excited to learn about other religions, since I really have only known one my whole life. One of our assignments is to visit a place of worship, totally out of our comfort zone and write a report on it. My mind was already open, but I feel like it's about to get a little more opened! No wonder the WT doesn't want JWs to get "higher education" ...

  • WingCommander

    Oh no.........Satan has you now! He has esnared you using one of his sneaky methods - THINKING. You are lost now.....surely to be destroyed at Armaggedon and destined for Ghenna and Sheol.

    Oh the shame. When you fall into more of Satan's traps which include going to all-night binge drinking orgy parties at frat houses and thinking about renting your own apartment, why the Elders will be there to listen to you confess your worldly sins in a private, proding, setting. (a JC). The Governing Body will then forgive you after a year of intensive shunning and being made to feel like a lepar.


    - Wing Commander

  • lil.lady.03

    GO FOR IT! I wish you the best of luck. I'm trying to discover what type of spirituality I want to get into. I still feel a strong spiritual need, but not in a reglious mass setting type of way. I kinda feel too abused to conder joining another reglious sect or demonination.

    Interesting enough, I took what I thought at the time was a bs religion quizz, last week. It said it would identify what religion you should consider. My results: NEO-PAGAN!! I laughed so hard! Go figure a fromer JW becomes a pagan. Maybe I just might.

    Good luck in your studies!!

  • lostandconfused

    WC- I already went through the all-night binge drinking when I was a teen LOL...Oh the joys of the teenage rebellion stage. Now I'm in my mid twenties and just now going back to college

    Lil. Lady- Thanks for the encouragment. I'm not so sure I care about being spiritual anymore, I have more of an agnostic approach to life...uhhh yea I remember a part from this Sundays meeting ... "Those with an agnostic view should be ashamed they are denying that they don't know Jehovah"

    Anyways...none the less, I thought it would be interesting to learn about what other "wordly" religions are all about.

  • shamus100

    Oh you are so going to gehennah.

  • lostandconfused

    I'll see you there then?

  • tec

    I took a world religions course in high school. I loved it. It was so interesting learning about what other cultures believed.



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