Elenin / Alignments / Earthquakes 9/26/11

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  • badseed

    Well I guess todays the big day. Another alignment elenin-earth-sun which the last three coincided with major eathquakes. A lot of hype on youtube about elenin. But apparently, it desintegrated, and will not be a threat after all. Ah man!! I was looking forward to a good show.

    Apparently, now we're really entering the time of the end.

    Heads up..lol

  • sir82

    You still need to work on your prophet skillz.

    Without specific dates, no one will pay much attention to you.

    You should read some of the other nutters prophets on this board for tips. There's a dude named "Obves" who's a master at it.

    Come back when you can give us a specific day - it will be much more interesting then.

  • badseed

    You mean like a Camping thing?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The Elenin doomsday nutters didn't do as good a job of promoting themselves as Camping did.

    It didn't even make it into the 'Weird News' sections of any of the news sites I read.

    I guess the editors looked it up at NASA and decided it wasn't newsworthy.


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