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  • N.drew

    The scandal in Australia is about the society of Jehovah's Witnesses refusing to file with the government of Australia information that would identify persons who have been suspected of child molestation. It has gone to court.

    But in the past the Watchtower has instructed their people to obey the law of the land as it pertains to interracial marriage.

    "In a few places, there are even laws making interracial marriages illegal. When that is the case, Christians are under Scriptural obligation to obey them, as such laws do not make it impossible for them to worship God with “spirit and truth.” (John 4:24; Rom. 13:1) Of course, if a Christian would prefer to move to a locality where such laws are not enforced, he is certainly free to do so."

    Prevent interracial marriage, but ignore the danger to children??? Is this what they call NEW LIGHT?

  • AnneB

    Did you notice WT said "where such laws are not enforced" and not 'where there are no such laws'?

  • N.drew

    Hi AnneB! Peace! The point I am bringing out is not about the inter-racial marriages. It is the rule that Jehovah's Witness should obey the law of the land if it does not interfer with the spirit and the truth of the worship of Jehovah. Now they say do not obey the law of the land when the law of the land says make known the pediophiles.

    I shall share what I heard from an elderly sister. She had a bad marriage, had many children, then her husband died. She was free to marry. She met a brother, he also had children, they married. The second husband had been dis-fellowshipped, but maybe you know that when a person is, the reason hardly ever becomes known. It was for child molestation. She married him without knowing that. (this is hearsay, I understand), but if it is as she told it, I have no reason to believe her not, why did nobody warn her? It turns out he molested her kids (hearsay), but I believe a similar scenario is possible with the way I know things work in the org.

  • Quarterback

    Wow, this is incredible.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yes they always make sure there is a loophole squeeze through.

    It is those loopholes that will get them into trouble.

    And then they will cry persecution.

  • sizemik

    You have to obey laws that are openly racist . . . and therefore "un-Christian" one assumes.

    But you have to defy being issued with a "party card" . . . even if it'a a legal requirement . . . and even if it costs you your life.

    Their duplicity is not based on right and wrong or "Bible principles" . . . it's based on what's good for the WTB&TS . . . nothing more.

  • WTWizard

    Since when is interracial marriage objectionable? It might be banned in some countries due to bigoted leaders, but it is possible to have two people of different sexes and different races. But they are both humans--it is not like man marrying apes. Now, as for gay marriage, I can see why people would find that objectionable on the grounds that "marriage" is by definition between two people of the opposite sex. But, the definition does not insinuate that both of those people have to be of the same race.

    However, when you have people using religion to coerce consent from children to rape them, I do find that objectionable. Children may or may not be able to consent--but, when you use their prospect of everlasting salvation or damnation to coerce them into "consent", such is more like blackmail. Then, when you silence them (again, using their prospect of salvation), you are committing another act of blackmail. No matter what, consent that is made through blackmail or such threats is not consent--and should be illegal regardless of whether pedophilia itself is. And the original blackmail should be reported to the police--it's the law, and far more damaging than interracial (or even gay) marriage ever could be.

  • dogon

    You have to assume that the high ups in the WBTS are kiddie fuckers them selfs. I bet some of those old men in the WTBTS are doing as many bethalites as possible. Maybe this is whey so many seem gay. I thought it was a prerequisite to go to bethel to be gay.

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