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    I'm trying to embed the video here using the HTML editor, not much luck. It shows up in the preview pane, but when I "submit" it disappears....

    Anyway the URL to the Jephthah video is....

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    I have to say, that I am a little shocked. And this after being away from the WTS for a good 10 years. I watched this video, thinking that in the end, Jephthah's daughter would not be killed. That is the way JWs tell the story. She is not literally sacrificed, but sacrifices her virginity, becomes the Isrealite version of a nun or something. In fact, in the My Book of Bible Stories, it says "Jephthah's daughter and she spends the rest of her life serving Jehovah at his tabernacle. Four days out of every year the women of Isreal go to visit her there, and they have a happy time together. The people love Jephthah's daughter because she is such a good servant of Jehovah" (story 53).

    In the Insight book, they compare Jephthah's daughter to Samuel, whose mother sent him to serve at the tabernacle, and they say that "Jephthah undoubtedly [there's their favorite weasel word] accompanied his presentation of her with an animal burnt offering" (Vol. 2, 28). In my 27 years as a JW, I always thought she was not literally sacrificed, yet I just read the NWT at Judges 11:38-40, where it says that after she had gone away for 2 months to weep over her virginity, "She made her return to her father, after which he carried out his vow which he had made toward her"--the vow about making the first one out of his house a burnt offering to repay Jehovah for a military victory. That seems pretty clearly not to say that she went to Shiloh to serve for many years. And the verse about the Isrealite women coming to commiserate with her "have a happy time together" does not mention her being there at all.

    This is a very disturbing contradiction to me, and I do not really make the veracity of the Bible a major issue in my life anymore.

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    This is probably the best thread about Jephthas daughter:

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