THEY came AH knocking again

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  • jam

    Three months ago I spoke about A conversion I

    had with A elder that came to my door. I told him

    I walk with you people at one time. I was A elder,

    serve where the need was great, and sevre in A

    foreign country. I have no intention of returning.

    Since then I have had three visits from other

    JW,s. I told each , I was once A JW and now I do not

    beleive in the teaching. I live five blocks from the KH.

    Today they came knocking. Good moring sir,(me)

    let me stop you right there. I am A mentally diseased

    Apostate. Anyone that leaves the brotherhood is called

    A Apostate, right. The man step forward, not necessarily.

    (Me)-O really, you need to check the lastest WT.

    I am not in any way interesting in returning. Please

    mark down in your house to house records, that A

    Apostate lives here. The man, you sure you don,t want

    the latest WT and AW. Unblievable these people.

    They pull me away from Giants and Philadelphia game.

  • DarioKehl


    That's unusual. They're trained to flea "A-words" like you, but they persist? Normally they try to sniff out the teeniest clues of apostacy and give 'em the boot but they're gravitating toward you. Next time, invite them in and show them a list of WBTS contradictions from their own publications. If they keep returning, they are PROBABLY curious and want to hear what you have to say. Or they're pioneers who are desperate to top off their service hours for the month.

  • thetrueone

    If they do return someday make sure that you press the point you want to be put on the " Do not call list "

    I'm not sure they still do this for I haven't been a JW for decades but they used to.

  • jam

    DarioKehi: I thought the same, but for some reason they

    continue. Now this is the first time I came out and said

    I am A Apostate. I live in A small community here in

    California , consider by California standards. Over the

    years I figure at least half the members at the KH have

    come to my door. They must know.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Hopefully they got the message loud and clear now JAM x

    If not, put up a "No tresspassing" Sign, its the only one they take any notice of apparently.


  • Gayle

    I got a house call last Monday by two fellas (I was never associated in this area). Told them I used to be a JW,,went into a few things,, they said things are different now,,I said no they're not, I get the mags for "free" on so I am definitely up on the latest,,I told them I re-evaluated it all after getting grown. (Didn't state I had been at Bethel 5 yrs)

    The one said he was "intrigued" if there was one thing specifically ,,I informed I re-evaluated 'many, many' things, but clarified it was not against anyone personal, respecting their sincerity, but was on issues, brought up how the WTS changes its actual history and changing of prophetic teaching ,,said that was wrong as mentioned in Deut. ,, Also, that the GB demand "unquestioning obedience' and that that is wrong for anyone to demand that.

    I don't let them dominate the call. I told them I don't bother any one there but since they are the ones calling at 'my' door then I will talk to them. They were the ones to initiate that they had to go. Well, maybe they will put me on their "Do Not Call" list now. Maybe the call lasted about 10 min. Enough.

  • jam

    Pams: that,s my next move, No trespassing.

    Thetrueone;Yes,I told them, make A note in

    your house to house records, do not call, Apostate

    live here.

  • blondie

    You are probably a convenient way for them to start their time so close to the KH. Then they can make one by their house and count the whole time.

  • JWdaughter

    I think that JWs are looking for an excuse or encouragement to leave. I think they like the encouragement that is offered implicitly when they see a person who USED to be a JW standing there, quite sanely, no horns or smoke emerging from their bodies, speaking like a normal, rational person. Throws them off, but lets them see that there is life beyond the Borg. That is why they will engage in conversation now-the more the WT tells them to avoid us bad, evil, mean apostates, the more fascinating we become. That was the truth even 30 years ago when i left. It is more so now when their mistakes, obfuscations, lies, distortions, and just plain meanness can no longer be ignored by even the most devoted JWs who really REALLY WANT to believe. If they don't acknowledge that they met an apostate, they have an excuse to stop by once again or hope that someone else will and get more 'dirt' on you. JWs also love gossip-they just don't want to be the subject of it. (Which is pretty much human of them:) )

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