JW friend forgetting who she was for a minute and being totally cool!

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  • PenelopePaige

    Ok, I said I was leaving, but I can't entirely leave- I still check the site from time to time......anyhooo......My JW friend dropped by the other day, I had said I was going to stop taking the magazines, (which I have) and she had called to ask if she could bring them, I said no and came up with some story about work on house being done that day, I was caught off guard and not yet ready to give her the boot, figured I'd break up with her another time. Anyway, I'd said I had people coming by and it wasn't a good day but then she SHOWS UP! Says she's in the neighborhood and just wants to drop them off. I like her anyway so wasn't too big a deal. I took the magazines and was about to walk her to the door when I notice that Dyan Cannon was on the View (tv on in my l.room right in front of us) so I say, "Look at Dyan Cannon, ,isn't she gorgeous? And I think she's around seventy!" and my JW friend starts to dish! She says, "That woman's face is pulled so tight she looks like a fish- look at those lip injections!" She got all "girlllll lemme tell you...." It was funny. Then somehow she gets on Chaz Bono and I immediatly say, "Oh I love her! I mean him!" Anyway, It was cool to see her slip for a slight second and get a little gossipy. I know it's hard to wear that perfect suit all the time. She really is a nice lady and I will miss seeing her when I break up with her and the mags. :(

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Most JWs are normal nice people caught up in a cult which requires them to portray a personality that is not themselves.

    It is nice when they can relax enough to be theirselves.

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