Watchtower quote sent to atheist podcast service....

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  • trailerfitter

    Yes I am proud to say that I took the quotes from the Watchtower literature calling apostates mentally diseased. Even if I am not an ex JW I see this as hate and a direct attack. Also one thing that made me feel sick was the boast about the Watchtower providing cooler clean water to quench the thirst of their followers. I added this in there to ensure the listeners get the idea of what the WT are really about.

    "The Thinking Atheist" is run by a guy in the heart land of the USA called Seth. He was a christian for over 30 years and worked as a christian radio presenter. Now loosing his faith he has decided to keep spreading the truth about organisations especially cults. This sunday there will be podcast on cults so I am hoping he will read the WT stuff out on air. There are quite a few lurking christians that listen to that sort of stuff. Will post if successful.

    Sorry if some don't agree with atheism...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I checked his site and there is a link to the podcast on Cults but after the ad runs it doesn't play anything. I can only assume he hasn't completed recording the podcast yet. But he gives no time that I could see for when to expect it. I'd love to hear it before tonight's Cult Free Radio show because if it's good, I'll recommend it on the show.

  • trailerfitter

    Madsweeny Hi the podcast is in 4 hours from now...Sunday...ermm I am a little confused about time zones and as far as I can work out it is at 6 pm UK time.. 12 noon central

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