Being Annointed

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  • mankkeli

    Few folks have wanted to know how God endows individual with the heavenly status , as a new partaker my self, this is the simple strategy;

    'What u proffess is what God annoints, "what u declare is what God makes clear, what u express is what u will experience. What you feel is what God sees.

    There is no big deal.

  • cedars

    Well that's cleared things up!

  • mummatron
  • mankkeli

    mummatron - Nice concept, reminds of when I told two elders about the feeling before partaking at the memorial. They offered the green line "It is between you and Jehovah". We prayed and stood up.

  • ssn587

    It's all BS the way the jdubs try to show it, the Bible doesn't have scriptures for the anointed and ones for the non-anointed, its all a smoke screen for the GB and the society at large. There is no such thing as a separate anointed and the rest of the flock. It's just a type of control mechanism put out by the witnesses. Kind of like their elders being anointed by HS and of course we all know that HS appoints pedophiles and thives as elders. What a load of BS put out by them, just another means of control.

  • scotoma

    In the early church holy spirit allegedly gave witness (god's spirit bears witness with our spirit) by means of special gifts.

    Speaking in tongues (ecstatic gibberish labeled the language of angels), prophecy (lucky guesses - the more guesses

    the lucker the prophet becomes), healing of people with psychosomatic illnesses.

    For God's spirit to be a witness it has to give an external visible sign otherwise it's just a person bearing witness to themselves.

    Basically, those who think they have been "chosen" because the words of a scripture had some kind of emotional

    connection with them are really experiencing a sort of halucination. People who feel out of the norm and want to be special are always looking

    for something that will confirm that feeling. Some think they were from another planet. Some think they were famous

    people in a previous life. Some, like Oprah, think there is some special magnetic force that draws them toward


    In other words, The Watchtower is, at its foundation, led by some pretty crazy folks.

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