A soldier's welcome home from Afghanistan

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  • talesin

    This is precious,,, a nod to our beloved four-legged family members.



  • ssn587

    That was heart warming, and definitely brings a tear to the eye, it however wasn't the homecoming we received when we came home from Vietnam, I returned home from there 4 times and always it seemed that others wanted to denigrate us. Many of us were filled with hate for those of the hippie generation and nothing will ever make up for the reception we didn't receive or the thanks we never got, or the hate filled spite of many who seen us in uniform as we made are way home.

  • talesin

    I lived through that time myself, and I hear you, SSN587. It was so unfair to the forces men (and women), who were mostly draftees, and those who signed up voluntarily were doing it for the right reasons.

    One reason I posted the vid, is because I am so against war, but living in the largest port on the East Atlantic, and second only in population of navy personnel to Norfolk, Virginia, I have spent my whole life with friends in the forces. It's unfair to treat Armed Forces personnel this way. If we want to protest, or spit on anyone, it should be the politicians who sent them there, not the men and women who give their lives for a cause they are told is real.

    I am sorry you received that kind of reception. It was wrong, and the government, not soldiers, should have borne the brunt of folks' wrath. Hope you have survived it intact, and been able to recover from what you saw/did over there. (my ex was 82nd Airborne, Silent Death Company, so I know a bit about fighting in jungles, seeing your friend's head blown off, and various other horrors of war) My heart goes out to you.


  • mummatron

    Awwwww.Dogs are so loving. Ours goes absolutely crazy with excitement whenever his master and pack alpha male, Daddatron, gets back home after working away. Wouldn't it be great if some people could give a comparably enthusiatic welcome home as that?!

  • talesin


    ain't dat da troot! I just thought, they are so free and unafraid to love,,, you are so right, wish we were more like that, too.


  • talesin


  • watersprout

    Awwwwwwww that is lovely! That dog was the happiest dog EVER.... Lovely thank you for posting.


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