Questions for those who are christians, not JW

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  • umadevi

    Hello, I don't post often but I have made it a daily habit to come here. Currently I am not into any religion after exiting the WTBTS. I have no knowledge about Christianity other than what was taught by WTBTS. So I am kind of lost spiritually.

    I noticed some of the XJWs here have joined other Christian church. I would like know what had made you join other Christian Group and why do u think it's different from JW. All kinds of feedbacks are welcomed.

  • garyneal

    Never been a witness, married to a witness and have been to the Kingdom Halls.

    Prefer church, people are more laid back, more REAL, I guess that is the word. I use to go to an Independent Fundamental Baptist church and found them as suffocating as the Kingdom Halls. Most churches don't go around judging other churches and comparing themselves to other churches.

  • Retrovirus

    Hi Umadevi! How are you managing, you and your boy?

    Back to topic - I'm a member of a small, inclusive Unitarian-like religion. Roughly, we believe that actions are more important than creeds, and the only "core beliefs" are to love God and love others as yourself. I'm not very regular in attending meetings but do enjoy those that I attend. We discuss and compare personal beliefs without judging and it's great to get a different perspective - without having to subscribe to it!

    To me a spiritual life means connecting rather than following a set of rules. For me it's important to connect, as I'm an introvert by nature. So, I take a lady shopping (she has severe health probs and I'm a palliative care volunteer), and help out with the local Adult education Center. I'm also a member of the local Amnesty International group, and donate to two African chariities, one through work.

    Why did I join my religion? I'm a born-in and it fits my needs. The differences from the wt are pretty clear, I think!


  • umadevi

    Grayneal..... I too find that people from other churches are not as judgemental as JWs.

    Retrovirus ..... We both are doing fine. We are planning to celebrate our first Christmas this year just for the fun of it!

    Although I have no interest to join any church I like the idea of attending a weekly service and meeting people without any restrictions.

  • garyneal
    Although I have no interest to join any church I like the idea of attending a weekly service and meeting people without any restrictions.

    I am not a member of the church that I attend even though they count me as one. They are a seeker friendly type church that allows people to get involved with or without being a member. In some cases, I like that but in other cases I have a bit of concern. Should, for example, the church screen individuals who want to be Sunday school teachers? I became one because of my daughter but I give her free reign to decide if she wants to go to Sunday school or not. I only have to serve about once a month or so so it is not too bad.

  • extractor

    I've been a Christian church goer for 30 years and I have never "joined" any of the churches I've attended. I see no evidence in the Bible promoting joining any religious organization. I'm very active in my church and I love going. Christian churches are more about a personal relationship with God by the individual. You could always go to one umadevi and not worry about having to "join".

    Best wishes.

  • Ding

    I think it's best to first figure out what you believe and then to look for a church that has teachings and practice consistent with that.

    So for me personally to try to answer your question, I would have to explain what I believe on every major spiritual topic now and why.

    Rather than do that, I would be happy to discuss with you via PM any spiritual topics you are most interested in.

    That way, I won't be boring you and everyone else with all sorts of opinions and conclusions in which you may have no interest.

    If you're interested in PMing fine, and if not, that's fine too.

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