Which one would you recommend?

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  • mankkeli

    At the moment, I am contemplating on buying either of these books by Stephen Hassan

    * Combatting cult mind control

    * Releasing the bonds.

    Which one of them would you recommend I order first and why.

  • wobble

    Depends what you are aiming at, if it is mainly for you, then the second one is good, "the bonds" tend to be connected to us still when we don't think they are.

    The first one is good for the person just exiting the JW/WT who perhaps does not feel they were in a cult, when Hassan wrote this he didn't have knowledge of the silly little religion, and does not mention them, except in akind of aside in a footnote.

    As the JW reads he/she will see that he certainly has just walked away from a cult, one as high-control and mind-controlling as the Moonies.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Comatting Cult Mind Control.

    Then Releasing The Bonds.

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