i gave a "good witness " yesterday !

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  • looloo

    a workmate was telling me she had a friend who became a jw years ago and one day the jws hubby was doing some work at my workmates house when jws started preaching she thought it funny that despite being a jw himself he was actually hiding from the jws ! i told her that an awfull lot of jws are a little embaressed about their beliefs and dont even enjoy actually knocking on doors and you will find they usually walk very slow and i explained the reasons for this (handing in a slip of paper recording the amount of hours ) and then i went on to explain about shunning , the crap child protection policies , victims of domestic violence told to pray to be a better wife etc.., satan and demons on the internet telling lies ! she told me that because her jw mate is so down to earth and gets drunk etc she had thought being a jw must be ok really ! lol she knows different now ! she said she would ask her jw friend about the things i had told her that she thought were disgusting and i told her that her friend would probably say i was a liar ! my workmate thinks jehovahs witnesses sound quite evil and people should be warned that they ignore children /granchildren /parents etc that leave the religion because you get a very false impression of them at your door ! i think most people think jws are harmless though annoying ! however if most knew what things actually go on and are encouraged in that religion i doubt if they would ever get any more members !

  • looloo

    i also did explain that a lot of jws are nice people but simply following orders from "the top" so i actually feel sorry for them for wasting their lives !

  • Diest

    Well done.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Good for you! I also use every opportunity I can to 'witness' to others about the JW's. Especially, the shunning practice.

  • ziddina

    I just had the most thoroughly bratty - and probably illegal - idea... (But hey! I am a She-Devil, after all... )

    It's akin to the idea that Terry posted in his thread around 2 weeks ago...

    Could a person work up some sort of "Tract" with actual quotes from their own literature, legitimate websites, especially the parts about blood, shunning, and pedophiles; and pass them out door-to-door AHEAD of the Witnesses? Or follow along behind them and place the "Awful Truth about the Watchtower Society" behind them, as they called at doors?

    Awfully time-consuming... But if one has the time, or is feeling mischevious...


  • looloo

    good idea ,and people would probably find it more interesting than the tract that witnesses put through the door !

  • punkofnice

    I've pondered this myself Zid. In fact I did a kind of template. I showed it to a non JW at work and asked for his opinion. He said as soon as his eyes scanned the words 'Jehovah's witnesses' he turned off!

    It went thus:-

    · Do you want to be prevented from celebrating Birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations and be told that if you do God will kill you soon?

    · Do you want loved ones to die because 7 men in Brooklyn say you are not allowed a lifesaving Blood Transfusion?

    · Do you want to belong to a religion that makes numerous false prophecies about the end of the world?

    · Do you want to belong to a religion that hides the identities of paedophiles, won’t report them to the authorities and allows them to still associate with your children?

    · Do you want to have ALL your thoughts controlled by 7 men in Brooklyn U.S.A?

    If you answered ‘YES’ to these questions then you should join Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    If you are still in doubt please visit - www.silentlambs.org


    Please check the Sex Offenders Register before allowing a Jehovah’s Witness into your home.

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