LOL... False prophecies!

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  • transhuman68

    Was looking for something else, when I found this webpage. I have never seen such a long list of failed Watchtower prophecies!


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    That was a brilliant find....

    I particularlyenjoyed these quotes...

    1924 "Surely there is not the slightest room for doubt in the mind of a truly consecrated child of God that the Lord Jesus is present and has been since 1874." (Watchtower, Jan. 1, 1924, p5)

    No doubt none!!!

    1924 "The year 1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in Scriptures, even more clearly than that of 1914. (Watchtower 1924, p. 211)

    Clear as the nose on your face....the one that keeps growing!!

    1924 "We cannot be blamed for presenting from the Scriptures such evidence as they afford which leads us to believe that a certain event will take place at a given time. Some times the Lord has let His people looking for the right thing at the wrong time, and more frequently they have looked for the wrong things at the right time. But all the enemies of the cause of present truth in the earth are fervently hoping that the Bible students will not be so successful in 1925 in looking for the right thing at the right time as they were in 1914. if they are, however, it will be the other fellow that will have to do the explaining, and not we." (The Golden Age, Feb. 13, 1924, p. 314)

    Not our fault its right place, wrong time...or was that wrong place right time?... 1925 "It is to be expected that Satan will try to inject into the minds of the consecrated, the thought that 1925 should see an end to the work." (Watchtower, Sept. 1925, p. 262) was Satans fault....that Satan...he's such a 1925 "The difficulty was that the friends inflated their imaginations beyond reason; and that when their imaginations burst asunder, they were inclined to throw away everything." (Watchtower 1925, p. 56) we think about it....I think YOU read far too much into what we said...gosh!!!! about over reacting.

  • sizemik

    I enjoyed it for a while . . . until I heard this little voice in my head saying "you idiot" . . . and I couldn't read any more.

    Thus I confess indebtedness to Adventists . . . CT Russell

    Now that's funny! . . . so it wasn't the Almighty after all!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    But wait.....we we're right all along!!!!

    1931 "There was a measure of disappointment on the part of Jehovah's faithful ones on earth concerning the years 1914, 1918 and 1925, which disappointment lasted for a time. Later the faithful learned that these dates were definitely fixed in the Scriptures; and they also learned to quit fixing dates for the future and predicting what would come to pass on a certain date, but to rely (and they do rely) upon the Word of God as to the events that must come to pass. (J. F. Rutherford, Vindication, 1931, p. 338-339)

    so glad they finally learned to STOP FIXING DATES FOR THE FUTURE!!!!

  • blondie

    I've seen this list many places over the years. It's good to see it keeps proliferating.

    It was attributed to Prominent Bethelite.

  • transhuman68

    The worst part is that all the time we were wondering "is it the truth" or "this is the truth", these provable false prophecies had already been written for almost 100 years!

    All the evidence was there- there was just no way of finding them until the internet arrived.

    Edit: Thanks Blondie!

  • scotoma

    In 2014 there should be a free speech public readings of this material outside kingdom halls and in front of all branch offices. It should be done with loud speakers. If this were done the news media would surely pick this up.

  • finallysomepride


    will be back to read

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