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    I was doing some pointless trolling this evening, looking up the status of several old witness associates that I knew years ago. I ran across the comment listed below from a lady who attended a neighboring hall, really into the whole "witnesses are always correct" mindset.Her brother who is not a witness anymore was the normal person in this conversation.This is almost borderline Freddy Kruegar material, how can they actually believe that God is behind them ???</form> This sister got divorced, she believes that "jah" will see thru her ex-husband's ( who is a witness in good standing) lies and will straighten everything out in time according to what she thinks is correct

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      • Normal Brother hahahaha September 8 at 12:38pm via mobile
      • Psycho sister OMG....WISH I was at the beach.....I miss the beach, heck I MISS CALIFORNIA, but I cant go back there until lots of people die!!!haha September 8 at 1:33pm
      • Normal Brother
      • Lots of people die everyday.... Come on back if it'll do ya September 8 at 1:36pm via mobile
      • Psycho sister hahaha....YOU KNOW to whom I am speaking ya bro, hope you are having a wonderful time at the BEACH!!!!! September 8 at 1:56pm
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    • Here is some explanation of the whole marriage thing with her. She (psycho sister) is conversing with a recently divorced (Sad sister), who caused many of her problems also because of the "rightous attitude" that the husband just got really sick of dealing with.
    • Sad sister I just updated my status....doesn't really mean much. I don't know that I want to try again....burned once and didn't enjoy it :) Men our age carry too much baggage. Got enough of my own and don't want to have to carry someone elses :) September 12 at 10:46pm ·
    • psycho sister:
    • I totally understand.....Im soo sorry about the last "burn"....and I just did my "28 years"...Gosh, who knew this is where I lives would be at this age????? I love you, IF..IF..IF you do "try" again, just be careful....Donna says "NO WAY"....scary out there....we just had a sister marry her 3rd or 4th husband{all brothers}but they all died....she LOOKS happy and she says she's HAPPY, so we all wish her the very, I kinda like where I am right now.... September 12 at 11:02pm
    • sad sister We spent 27 years together and just don't think there will ever be another, but I have learned in my life to "never say never" not matter what :) Crazy the way life has turned out, never would have believed it. But I have 3 WONDERFUL children and in-laws. My family has stayed intact ..... only he has left, we are still a happy family and enjoy our life together :) September 12 at 11:05pm · psycho sister
    • there ya go, I have two wonderful children{although, with the seperation, ### has just now started to email me, before "hated me so much"...and I dont hear from Benjamin and his wife Chris at all, and they only live 2 1/2 hours away from me}Mandi, Seths wife, sent me pictures of my new grand-baby James, was very happy to get those pics., husband,,I NEVER HEAR FROM nor want to.....that part of my life is gone, and I am very happy here in Aurora, you remember the *****'s, who I met when I was going to school?? They befriended me and helped me get to all the meetings, and then came to my wedding, THEY are here, and I dearly love them....You have such a wonderful family, you raised great kids, and you are a great mom....IF someone special comes into your life now, well you know EXACTLY what you are looking for now.... September 12 at 11:13pm
    • psycho sister that old saying "If I knew then, what I know now"...well, we dont get a crystal ball with our life...but I SHOULD have listened to those that knew him better, THEY told me not to marry him, and I WANTED kids soooo bad, didnt listen, but it was a bad marriage, and now we all have to pay for it....BUT...I was a good mom, loved/love my boys very much, and will just have to wait for Jehovah to "fix all"..... September 12 at 11:17pm
    • Sad sister So sorry to hear you had such a hard time with your kids...what a heartbreaker :( My kids are the most wonderful thing in the world! They stand by me and have been there for me thoughout everything. I don't know what I would have done with out them. I had a wonderful 25 years of marriage. We lived the "American Dream". We had/have a wonderful family and enjoyed our life together until he decided to leave the marriage. It was not what I wanted. He was a very good husband and I have no complaints. I think that is why it was so hard when he told me he didn't love me anymore. A shock and a heartbreak. I am thankful for the many years we had together, but think sometimes it was harder because our time was so good. I never regret the years we had together, I have awesome memories of the good times....I miss them soooooo much! Nothing in my future will ever top the good time we had together. I know I lived the best times of my life already :) September 13 at 9:23pm
    • psycho sister I am so happy that you had such a wonderful marriage....I dont have that. When ^^^was 10, I took the boys and left jim and went to where my family was{we were living in and it was for least thats what I thought. and I was very happy without husband...But I went back after several months, and he proceeded to take my children away from me, so that when I left in Feb. of 2010, even tho they saw the abuse and knew how bad things were in our family, they told the Brothers there was no abuse of any kind, and they would stand with their dad. So, now I just pray to Jehovah that HE will set everything family even talked to the Brothers, but.....Jehovah will fix all of that too!!! I miss my boys very much, especially now I dont know when I will ever see them again, ***** is working with the RBC and learning the MHong Language, and seems very happy, yet he doesnt speak to his mother at all. He is married and I got to go to his wedding, but he really wanted his dad there, but he wouldnt go because I was there....I am very happy where I am right now, although I miss my sons and my grand-babies, so I just keep hoping for "it all be righted" and it will. I love you , hope to see you someday,I want to come for a visit...must wait and see....miss all of you so much..... September 13 at 10:32pm
    • sad sister
    • I am soooo sorry. I know it is not easy to cope when justice is not served but it is a comfort to know Jehovah will make it right in the end. Nobody understands abuse unless they too have endured it. The abusers are so controlling and twist everything to their advantage. I am sorry the brothers were not able to see thru the deception. It is a comfort to know Jehovah sees thru it! I am glad you have made peace for yourself and are in a good place is never easy to get there, but once you do it feels good! Hang in there sis and keep putting one foot in front of the other! Love you too and look forward to visiting. September 14 at 3:54pm
    • psycho sister thank you , it has really been nice talking to you, hopefully when I get this job, and mom gets to feeling better we can come for a visit....not just the Convention....but that would be nice too....{what makes all this the harder is the fact that all three are for all of this to get worked out, it will have to come from Jehovah, so I keep HANGING IN and doing all I can to stay close to JAH....}love you girly,
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    A little late to edit it, but you forgot to remove the hyperlink to her profile..

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