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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    And now, a finding that intrigued me .

    I always thought that the bulk of the publications come out of New York to other parts of the globe , if not produced in these last. True ?
    Because I did not know what to think when I saw the links below mentioned that many publications traveled from Tokyo to New York.

    I read and read to see if I was wrong, but in the end was rendered :

    Port of Tokyo - LOAD
    Port of New York - DISCHARGE

    What is happening ? What kind of scheme are forming ?

    Which print and produce these publications ? It can not be true that are produced in Japan!
    Just do not believe either in Japan or in China where costs are very low because they already have low costs for volunteer workers in the United States.

    The last shipment ( Shipment Latest ) was made on 28 August this year . It is very clearly identified :

    Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society exports products to [ EXPORT GOODS ] Watchtower Bible And Tract Society in New York via Tokyo .

    Can anyone explain the mystery?

    And again :

    Here the Watchtower IMPORTING FROM products Sydney Australia via Long Beach , California.

    From Sydney to California?

    Here in Tauranga to Los Angeles

    Let's see if we come to some conclusion ...

    Mama Mia !

  • TJ Curioso
  • wobble

    Gotta be something fishy about this.

  • oppostate

    Some foreign language literature is printed and produced in other branches, including books, bibles and audio.

    Then it is brought here for stocking and distribution to meet requests in the U.S.

  • cedars

    ...either that or the REAL Governing Body is based in Tokyo, and Brooklyn is just a front. Who would have thought?!!

    That would explain why they're so obsessed with earthquakes...

  • erbie

    I smell a rat....I wonder what they're cooking up now?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Containers of cash?


  • Dogpatch

    Actually I bribe the main Marina del Rey postal center to redirect them all to me.

    I am capable of evil things. Just "breaking you in" for now. :-))

  • hamsterbait

    They actually used their presses to print Bibles for the Bible Society in Thailand.

    There was a thread on here about it. All very hush hush at the time, but the cover linings were from the original green NWT.

    There is something going on for sure.


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