Real Estate Europe versus Watch Tower

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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    With the Mind in Heaven, but the Heart on Earth!

    The Watchtower continues to amaze us every day ...

    You know what is meant when we speak of " Real Estate" ?

    This word possesses in itself all that relates to business real estate , i it is an economic game , it must be said, that deals with land and anything built on them.

    Well, this is the way of another one of those things that the Watchtower is lavish - Business and Money ... more Money !

    Look with attention to page 6 of The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Europe - July / August 2009 .

    The way it appears in the journal Editorial Board related to the Real Estate Europe , the name of Tom Cruse on behalf of ... the heavens cry of joy :
    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain ?????

  • TJ Curioso

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